Reproduction of a coarse-grained MD paper: A nanoparticle-lipid membrane interaction

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This is a reproduction of the Hongyan Yuan et al paper "One-particle-thick, solvent-free, coarse-grained model for biological and biomimetic fluid membranes".

The simulation was done in LAMMPS and the parameter epsilon between nanoparticle and lipid is 15kT.

I did this in the CCP5 2019 workshop.



Cool, maybe soon I will need somthing similar

see this upcoming workshop if you want to learn MD:

It looks nice :)


Pretty cool and not that confusing as your last video ;-)

Reminds me on endocytosis somehow!

Thanks for this!

Haha. Thank you. Endocytosis can be modeled similarly in coarse grained md simulations.

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