Hello Hive! My first post here: A lipid vesicle simulation video

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I am excited these days. Because I got so high in the process of simulating coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations using a software called LAMMPS. A lot of things are happening right now in this world! 

Covid19 keeps on getting everywhere and also in my nation, India.

A lot of drama from Justin Sun by ruining our good old STEEM blockchain! But happy to be on HIVE blockchain.

Finally, I want to get started slowly via my STEM posts here. Here is my first post. Its a glimpse of my current simulations. It is an attempt to implement [Farago model](https://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/0304203). But the paper talks about modeling lipid bilayer membranes in a coarse-grained fashion. I am trying to extend it to vesicles. You can expect a longer post when I find success in this simulation.

Here is the video of my simulation:


Welcome aboard. I'm happy that you are finally posting here!

Happy to see you too. I might need some advice on handling my STEEM coins etc. Will text you some time.

long time no see bro how are you??

Hmm, seems we can say the user is verified?:)

yes he is.

I am good. How are you?

I am also doing great ok that good that you are also good.
Are you in India or anywhere else??

I am at home in Kerala. What about you?

oh this is relief to here this that you are at home, I am also at home.
actually I work here in my hometown so this is kind of relief fto me too.

Hi there! Can you add something to the youtube video description so that we can know that you're the author of the video?:) We have some attempts of plagiarism here. It can be just your hive username or "hive" word :)

I will soon do it. Thank you.

I have edited the description with the link of this hive post.

Cool, thank you :) Following!

Thanks. :)

That's really cool!

thanks <3

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