Aluminum in deodorants, a risk factor for breast cancer development.

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There is no doubt that we can not stop using deodorants and antiperspirants, especially in the summer with the increase in temperature, these products occupy a large part of the world market because of their great use. Some of the production companies whose main goal is to make profits, they do not take seriously the damage caused by certain chemical ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics, despite the spread of diseases in our time, including cancer.
Many studies have warned of certain carcinogens used in the manufacturing of products used by humans in their daily lives, but most people have not taken it seriously. Perhaps because such research does not catch the attention of the media !!!

Deodorant Ingredients:

Deodorant contains many chemical compounds, some of which are dangerous to human health, including aluminum.
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Why is aluminum toxic?

Aluminum is widely used in many products and fields such as: the manufacture of beverage cans, the kitchenware industry, cosmetics and deodorants ......
Exposure of the body to high concentrations of aluminum compounds can lead to health problems, ingestion, inhalation or skin contact. Where it is found in food, water, soil, as well as in the air near toxic waste sites or in factories where aluminum is used in the manufacturing stages,
and when inhaled in large quantities, it can lead to pulmonary disorders.

Some researchers have found that the symptoms of aluminum intoxication are very similar to those of Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis, as it can hinder calcium absorption and impair kidney function (In cases of large quantities) because the kidneys are responsible for its eradication.
In short, high concentrations of aluminum in the body can result in:

  • Atrophy of the central nervous system.
  • Amnesia.
  • Inability to pay attention.
  • Sharp tremor.
  • dementia.

What is the relationship between aluminum-containing deodorants and breast cancer?

Aluminum compounds are added to antiperspirants to prevent sweat from reaching the skin's surface, because aluminum contributes to the contraction of the pores of the skin. Unfortunately, aluminum is absorbed through the skin, especially when antiperspirants are used immediately after shaving, where aluminum compounds interact with DNA and interfere with the work of estrogen, which helps accelerate the growth of cancer cells in the breast (According to some studies). These theories were based on breast cancer concentration often in the area closest to the armpit and is the area where the deodorant reaches.

According to an Austrian study, the aluminum concentration in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer is higher than that of healthy women. Another Swiss study was conducted in 2016 in which a group of mice was injected with aluminum salts to conclude that tumors can grow at a high rate in this case.

Do all researchers agree that aluminum causes breast cancer?

Nevertheless, some researchers say that it is impossible to determine if aluminum is carcinogenic and that Austrian research can not be followed because it was based on a small sample of infected women. They also say that research conducted in Switzerland on experimental mice did not give details of their hypotheses.
For its part, the French National Agency for Drug Safety said that there was no link between aluminum and breast cancer, but it also stressed the need to reduce the concentration of aluminum in deodorants at 0.6% !!!

Is there a medical test to measure the proportion of aluminum in the body?

Aluminum levels can be measured by analyzing blood, stool or urine, and it can also be measured in the bone. This helps to check if the person's body contains more than the normal levels of aluminum.

What is the alternative?

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Although researchers disagree whether aluminum is carcinogenic or not, everyone agrees that excess aluminum in the body can cause serious health problems. Care must be taken when choosing a deodorant with low aluminum content or using deodorants without aluminum, where they are made with a natural alternative that gives the same effect of aluminum but without causing any damage to health. One of the most famous of these alternatives is the stone of alum, this stone is effective against perspiration without closing the pores of the skin.


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