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RE: The Pacman Nebula - NGC281

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Thank you - very interesting....and you solved a problem I have been stuck with for years. In my novel, a species evolved within a nebula. Then there was a tremendous explosion and they all died - they think. They have survived since then as souls and Robert named them the Sparklers.

My characters try to find a neula suitable for them, but no go, nothing matches with what they recall from millions of years ago. Perhaps they did not examine a Bok Globule?

If I use this info (and maybe a photo of yours?) I will acknowledge you.

Alex (Arthur)


Thank you very much Alex :-)
This sounds very interesting. I am already very curious about the story of finding a new home.
Feel free to use this information and images as well ;-)
Greetings, Kevin


I think your curiosity will have to remain unsatisfied as, if you could read 50 pages a day, it would take you about two years to read the story - not something many would do...unless they bought the books and having paid for them....

Well, that's a lot to read :-)
I just had the chance to take a quick look at your blog here :-) Visiting family and friends during the holidays is eating up my time :-D

Visiting family and friends during the holidays

sounds like something most people are nostalgic about since it no longer exists for them - so I hope you treasure these days and memories.

Well, for us here spending time with friends and family, even not only on holidays, is common and normal.