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RE: Some thoughts about STEM on Steem - bonus: a complete introduction to particle physics

in #steemstem4 years ago

The value of STEM is the first page on Google Search for Steemit!

This is what we can do and how we should promote quality content. If the Steemit = quality content, steem/SBD = something valuable.

In my case: "endemic animals balkans" is the 3rd hit, just below the Wiki. I know, this is very unlikely input for the search engine - but we got it.

Or in case of @lemouth: "crash course particle physics" - the first hit on page 2, because the page 1 is full of YT videos. This is an incredible success.

I could bet that we hodl at least 100 "Page 1" for various scientific topics. That's the value that should be recognized


I was not expected my series to be that successful. I will sleep well tonight. I agree with everything you said by the way, concerning the value. Our content can make the steem/sbd value higher in attracting user to steem.