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RE: The North America Nebula

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Thank you for the stunning pictures. The best one, for me was the first, with all the 'disturbing' stars. I also very much appreciated the labels on the last picture. I had noticed the very bright 62 Cygni and was glad to have an identifier.

I looked up 'Cygnus', and see that it means swan. I think it takes a great imagination to see a swan in that constellation, although I've never looked at it through a telescope. You have...what do you think?

I loved your post.


Thank you very much for your kind words @agmoore2
I really appreciate that you like the images. My favorite is also the first one, despite the many "disturbing" stars. It shows this part of the night sky as it is. The mass of stars is quite a sensation in its own.

You're right, the constellation Cygnus is also called "Schwan" in German. In fact, it takes a lot of imagination. I don't always recognize similarities with the names. I would rather call it "cross of Deneb" :-D
Since the constellation is quite big, you can only see fractions through a telescope. Looking with the eyes, however, you can see the prominent bright stars.

I've been looking for that swan since yesterday :)) It seems many people are determined to see it. I don't, but still the hunt has let me see some more spectacular photos.

There are some quite good apps for the smartphone. Star Walk (2) should be a very nice one and also free of use with some adds. It allows you to turn on the phone's gyroscope, which helps a lot finding some stuff in the sky.
Sometimes it is very hard to find some constellations, even when they are big and should be conspicuous. There are always some stars, that makes it look different :-)
In the image on this site there are also small and big dipper, which makes it maybe a little bit easier to find it whith drawing imaginary lines between the stars.

Yes, there are some very spectacular photos out there. These are the reason why I started this astrophotography stuff a few years ago.
This one was the "hobby initiator" and it is still one of the best I ever saw. An exposure time of 212 hours is just crazy.

Wow! Thank you. What fantastic pictures. I will have great fun with these. You know, Steemit has a lot of issues, but where else can I find this kind of blog, and this kind of interaction?
Thanks again...I'm a sky tourist now :))

You're welcome :-)
Yes, steem(it) has a lot of problems. But there are also great users and things here. It's up to us to keep/make the chain good and useful :-)
I'm glad to hear I got you interested in the night sky. Enjoy it, there is a lot to "see" above our heads.