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RE: Our Humanity: The Price To Pay For Technological Advancement?

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Interesting post, @samminator. With my background in humanities I bring perhaps a different perspective. You speak of colonialism, of the possibility that machines will colonize humans. I think of something even more imaginable...enhanced humans dominating those who are not enhanced. The privileged, who can afford enhancement, subjugating the lower classes who cannot afford this. The technology already exists for people to "enhance" their offspring, to choose the kind of child they want to have in order to insure a superior outcome. How far from that practice is the one of technical enhancement? It is the logical next step.
Of course we consider legislation. Who will be legislating? People with privilege. Are they likely to deny themselves advantages, or will they find a rationale for allowing people to buy enhancements? Already markets exist for buying organs in some parts of the world, and proposals for this practice have been put forth in the US (and other countries).
A very provocative and important blog. Thank you, @samminator.


You have raised some very valid concerns buddy. Obviously, those that can afford enhancements will want to impose superiority over those that cannot. Weirdly, these people that can afford it is also meant to be ones legislating and putting standards for the usage of enhancements. Like you rightly pointed out, they will not want to take away that advantage from themselves.
Believe me, this is just very minor compared to what is coming. Imagine a world were humans will literally be mechanical.

Thanks a lot for coming around buddy

My pleasure. Often, the real-life consequences of science are overlooked in the pursuit of knowledge. We need to think about these things (coming to mind is the search for fission and the hunt for the bomb). You are doing that. What good is science if it brings tragedy?