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RE: Aha! Moments: The Instant of Creative Insight

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Thank you for that very thoughtful comment. I looked at your wife's website. She does seem to be in touch with her creative instincts, to allow them to flow freely. Lovely work.
I also checked Beaty et al., 2018. Excellent discussion. It was actually Eric Kandell's research on neuroconnectivity that got me into this whole subject. I had read before how people who use their neural pathways habitually actually get more efficient--that is, they need less connections to get the same output.

We have so much to learn. As @chappertron and I agreed when I wrote a blog on neuroplasticity--schools that curtail creative programs in favor of hard academics are actually depriving their students of the opportunity to have 'better' brains. So short-sighted.

And as for your personal experience--I can relate. I need periods of focused analysis and periods of 'down time' for the best outcomes. Plus, I really love my down time :)

Have a great day. Looking forward eagerly to more informative blogs from you.