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RE: A European Grand Tour, and Smallpox

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Thank you so much, Abigail for your kind words!
Erika's blog was the prompt for this article. She brought back many poignant memories.

We do influence each other, don't we...even when ocean are between.

I'm so glad you like my mother's picture. I love it-- young and eager, life ahead, almost like our journey to Europe. What will the future bring?

Yes, horror stories. I was moved by the suffering of people who caught this terrible disease--a ravaging, merciless disease. You're right about our fragility in the face of current threats, pathogens we know about, and those that have not yet been discovered. It's kind of a metaphor for existential insecurity, which we all learn to deal with at an early age. 0r maybe some of us don't--but that's your department, as a psychologist 😇

My dear Brazilian friend--your feedback means a lot to me. When I write, I think of a few people who might read my pieces. You're one of them 😃 It makes writing more meaningful.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

With great affection,
Your New York friend,


I am happy that I was part of your inspiration for this. :-D

The picture of your mom is unbelievable.

Thank you 😇

Yes, Erika has that sort of effect on us, doesn't she? Reviving memories, opening our eyes to new perspectives, inspiring. Oh ... <3

You make me feel very special by saying you have me in mind (among others) whilst writing. Same here my dear. Not only that, but .... I have recently finished reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The way she portrayed society and what becomes of its beings which exist within it. Well ... It reminded me of your fiction work. Of how you so honestly put down in words the, oftentimes, disturbing reality that surround us.

See, I am a little bit in love with Celadons (the superficiality, the self-sacrifice, the blind extremism). But, I will not ramble here :)

All that to say that you are also with me, not only during my writings, but also during my readings :*

Much love to you.
Your Brazilian Friend,


Dear Abigail,
What a generous reply. To think I crossed your mind when you read Frankenstein! I love Mary Shelley. It wasn't easy to be a woman writer back then (or even to just be a woman). What a book! Serves as a kind of Promethean model for humans reaching beyond, defying the laws of nature. The ideas in that book do not get old, I believe.

Celadon: I was so grateful @brisby offered thoughtful fare. I just took the ball and ran :))

Know that when I sit down to write again, I do so with more confidence because of your encouragement. Thanks for making my ride here on Steemit so much more enjoyable than it otherwise would be.

From New York, where it is a cool and comfortable 66°

Love ,

💕 💕 💕 💕