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RE: Our Humanity: The Price To Pay For Technological Advancement?

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Sammi, how nice to see you posting about technology! It has been a little while.

You have managed to pack so much information here, it's quite overwhelming actually. Overwhelming because it doesn't look good for us! Am I right to be concerned about all of this?

About a future where humanity will be facing yet another kind of inequality. Where power and advantage will be taken to new levels? Levels where our humanity instead of being enhanced will be replaced by aspects that makes us less human? :/

I followed the link to read about Viktoria Modesta. I was interested in her attitude towards her disability, and her prosthetic limb. She feels empowered by it! Now, I am going to save the article about Sophia, to read later on :)

Thank you Sammi. It has been a fascinating read. So well written as always. And, of course, beautifully formatted!

Much love to you from Portugal :*


Thanks a lot dearest Abbey.

My major concern about this is the fact that some of these machines and cybernetics are controlled by codes which can be hacked and can cause havoc to the entire human race.
Have you seen the movie Terminator (Rise of the Machines, and Judgment Day)? Imagine what will happen when "self-awareness" becomes a thing in machines, they could have their own free will and humans may begin to feel obsolete.

I once read about an AI that is designed to program other AIs, imagine what will happen in the future.

It looks like the inequality that will be faced by humans will be based on superiority in technology.

Much love from Sunny Nigeria, dear Abbey.

Thank you for this thoughtful reply Sammi :* :)