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RE: Does It Hurt to Sit? The Problem May Be Piriformis Syndrome

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My dear @agmoore2,

This is like an anatomy lesson! What an incredibly well-researched post :)

Padel Game.jpg

It reminded me of what my husband went trough nearly a couple of years ago. He got into playing padel. But, only after four weeks he began to feel this terrible pain down his leg. Like you said, the pain was excruciating and disabled him for nearly three months. For 4 weeks he could not even turn from one side to another on the bed, when that improved, he could not even make his way to the bathroom (It was then when I learnt how heavy 84 Kg are!). His recovery was painfully slow and for weeks after that he needed to walk with the aid of crotches.

I don't remember whether piriforms inflammation was brought up throughout his diagnosis/treatment. We were informed that both the physical therapy sessions and all the medication he needed to apply and take were targeting a sciatic nerve entrapment. For this reason I found rather interesting to read the relationship between the two.

Oh, before I forget! The illustrations you created for your article are amazing. Some of them actually help one to relate to the ache! Ouch!

Have a wonderful day my dearest friend.
Sending you lots of love with great respect from Portugal.
I hope things are less sticky over there. I woke up to a rainy morning here today. The birds and trees seemed as pleased as me :)


Dear, Dear Abigail,
I woke this morning to find your comment. That made me happy. 😇 Then I read about your husband's dreadful accident and the ordeal the two of you went through in order for him to heal. Terrible! 😟 What a coincidence (not a happy one!) that you have experience with sciatic nerve entrapment. I was hoping when I wrote that the article would be meaningful for someone...and it was you !!

Has your husband's injury completely resolved, or is this something that will be an issue on and off for the rest of his life? I hope not the latter.

I must admit that I just came back from my first physical therapy session. I wasn't going to mention it, but feel so good about the outcome that I will. A long-standing sciatica problem (doesn't the whole world have one?) seems to be the source of my current difficulty, which is mimicking the symptoms of piriformis syndrome. This is not acute, as your husband's was, but it is limiting.

Anyway, that's what prompted this article. I wanted to know more so I could help myself and cooperate productively with the physical therapist. I find that writing is a good way for me to learn.

Thank you for enjoying my illustrations. Blame @shaka. GIFs are a byproduct of participating in his contest. 🎨 I'm addicted. And, I find that if I draw a diagram of something, I can more clearly visualize the scheme. So glad you found that helpful, also.

Yes, I do love the rain. Not torrents, but gentle, nourishing rain. This year I planted the tiniest tree, not even a sapling. So small my daughter laughed when she saw it. Rain is that tree's best ally 🌴

Thank you so much for your encouragement and appreciation. You know, for me, that is the virtue of Steemit. The wonderful people I meet, my friends. I would never know them, would never know you, without this platform.

Have a delightful, breezy, rainy day in Portugal.

With great affection and appreciation,

From sunny, not-so-sticky, New York

Your Friend, AG❤

Good morning my dear @agmoore2 ,

Ha! What a coincidence. I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing discomfort due to sciatica problems. But it pleases me to hear you had a good session with your physio-therapist. He must be so impressed with you, with your level of understanding. 😎

My husband has been left with what is known as foot drop. This, however, has considerably improved over the past year as a result of some exercises he has been told to at home and in the swimming pool. He also still goes to the physio (considerably less frequent now). He actually has an appointment today!

I also find writing a great tool for reinforcing learning, ventilating and rationalizing emotions. Writing is beautiful, isn't? And how wonderful that we have a place like Steemit to do it and as a consequence of it get know smart, kind people. To meet friends.

I smiled at your tiny tree story. How Sweet ❤ :)
Have a beautiful day over there in NY my wonderful friend. It will be a busy one for me, and I love it. 🌞
Much love to you @agmoore, always ...

Your Brazilian Friend,

Dear Abigail,
I'm so sorry! I looked up foot drop on the Mayo Clinic site. They say the difficulty comes from injury to the peroneal nerve, which is indicated on the diagram in my article. Swimming seems to be good for everything. Plus, it's fun and increases overall health.

I'm glad your husband is taking measures to improve his condition. It surely is a great help that he has you to encourage and support him. A positive, loving spouse is invaluable, in short and long-term challenges.

It's amazing that medicine is so advance and then it is unable to "fix" a problem like this.

I'm sending a picture of my "tree", taken shortly after it was planted. The beautiful tree in the background is my neighbor's. My daughter took the picture, I think, in order to humiliate my tiny sapling. 😅

tree for abigail.jpg

Only an optimist would confidently plant such a fragile thing and expect it to endure the New York winter. We'll see...

I hope you and your husband have a most wonderful day. It will be the weekend at conclusion of your busy day...a little bit of punctuation in the calendar to remind us that time is precious.

From peaceful, and optimistic 😇 New York,
Your friend, AG❥

It's amazing that medicine is so advance and then it is unable to "fix" a problem like this.

SO TRUE! 😕 But really, we can not complain. My husband has come a long way.

As for your tree ... oh Gosh @agmoore2, I was about to write how beautiful, colorful and strong it is. Then I read your comment and only then I saw the little green plant 😂 your tree may be a fragile being; but, it sure brings joy! It looks like your daughter has a great sense of humor 😃

I love, love, love trees. I think they are magnificent beings. I recently finished reading a very beautiful book about them The hidden life of trees. I feel I know them better now :) I also often draw them (although, last time I did this was 4 months ago).

There is a place near me (25 min. drive): A Floresta de Sintra (or Floresta da Peninha), it is my favourite place in the whole world. Whenever time allows, there we are. The only bad thing about going there is that we eventually have to leave.

Parque Nacional de Sintra.jpg

Parque Nacional de Sintra..jpg

I know you will like this place too my friend. And I will think of you next time I go there :*

Trees! I love trees. 🌲🌳 My favorite thing to draw...but only digitally because my hands do not obey me :)

I have just visited Floresta de Sintra and I will take you there

I watched several videos but liked this the best.

Thank you !!

And yes, my daughter has a great sense of humor. Grasps any opportunity to laugh and that laugh is infectious.

I wish you peace, and green vistas.
With affection,
Your NY friend, 🎔