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RE: Aha! Moments: The Instant of Creative Insight

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Hello my dear friend :)

It's so nice to read this beautifully illustrated and researched work today! Miller's reflection of the left side of the brain being a bit of a bully made me giggle. How nicely put 😄 Not long ago when going through research on language recovery the opposite came up about stroke patients' rehabilitation. That the right hemisphere might "bully" the left, consequently interfering with language recovery Ref. (this remains unclear!).

I am more inclined to follow Beeman and Kounios's line of thought. I think that creative insight is more of a "collaborative work" of different brain areas. As for that aha! moment ... I do have my tiny little ones once in a blue moon. And very much like Breeman and Kounious put it, it happens when I am on a walk or, relaxing in the garden, or even immediately after waking up!

Thank you for the mention my dear @agmoore :) also, I loved what you did with those brain images 😍

Much love from warm Portugal, always & forever :*


...Torture waiting for my VP to replenish so I can upvote at least minimally.

Thank you my dear friend, for your appreciation. You know you were in my mind with this one (besides the overt credit I offered). I'm glad you liked my rather silly illustrations--they were fun and I chuckled as I made them.

This blog was prompted by some of your blogs, by @chappertron's suggestion, and by curiosity about my own thought processes. I agree with you about Beeman and Kounios, and I think Kandell does, also. The reference you provided was interesting, and of course led me to related research, which I will continue to explore.

There will be a part II--related, but not the same. There is a tangent this research led me into that was intriguing, and I think universally relevant in. Readers will probably look at themselves and wonder where they fit in the scheme--I know I'm wondering about myself.

(BTW, you were with me last night when I had a snack with my son. We talked about the monkey study.)

Thank you so much for being a bright spot in my day, for your encouragement and for your continued friendship. It is highly valued.

With love and respect

Your New York friend who is enjoying autumnal weather,


@agmoore, it does come across that your illustrations are made with great enjoyment ! :D

This post conveys so much information, interesting facts and it's so incredibly relatable. To know my own work has contributed to it to some extent fills me with happiness. Thank you my dear for making me smile once again! I am already looking forward to part II 😍

Oh! Your son is interested in monkey studies? He is my kind of person then :) I find very touching the way with which you often talk about your children. It looks like you have a fulfilling relationship with them, especially with your son <3

Sending you bags of love from across the ocean :*

Dear Abigail,

Of course your work contributed to it! I'm like a selective sponge--absorb the good, and make it a part of me. So you are here, and I can't even distinguish all of the ways that has happened:)

Yes, my children. Perhaps my son figures more in conversations because he shares a lot of research with me...we're kind of 'wired' the same. But my daughter--we talk several times a day. We share a heart. So, yeah, I'm really close to both of them.

I see your new blog with an intriguing title, "Discussing Modern Caregiving". Great significance for everyone. Can't wait to sit down and read that.

Thank you for your kind words, and your warm appreciation. This sponge soaks it up:)

With Respect, Affection and Regard,🌸

Your New York friend,


Replying to you tomorrow afternoon. It’s eleven o’clock here and I must put my tablet dow. Your affectionate words will have been my last read tonight. I am a very privileged person 😘🍁❤️