How much ACTUAL gold is in that "gold" jewelry

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Hello again, I hope you had a great weekend. I want to start by saying I am not a big gold-bug and even less of a jewelry guy but I did want to go over the basics of gold fineness today. There are certainly others here that know much more about the subject and I would be happy to hear from them if I miss something. So without further ado let's look at a little bit about gold fineness.


There are a couple of different ways to measure the fineness of gold and today we will look at the karat (spelled with a "c" in Europe, I believe. Carat) system. Anyone that has bought gold jewelry will likely have heard this word used to describe the amount of gold in the jewelry but what does it actually mean?

The karat is a fractional measure of purity for gold alloys, in parts fine per 24 parts whole. 24-karat gold is pure or 24/24 parts gold, 18-karat gold is 18 parts gold, 6 parts another metal (forming an alloy with 75% gold), 12-karat gold is 12 parts gold, and so on.

The Math

You probably have this figured out already but just in case you are as "good" ;) at math as I am, here is the way to figure out how much gold is in that necklace you love.

If 24 is pure, or "whole" then just divide the karat of your gold jewelry by 24 so,

24k gold would be 24/24 = 100% or pure gold (minus .1% for impurities so, 99.9% pure in reality)
22k gold 22/24 = .916 or 91.6% gold
20k gold 20/24 = .833 or 83.3% gold
18k gold 18/24 = .75 or 75% gold
14k gold 14/24 = .583 or 58.3% gold

As you can see anything less than about 22k is pretty watered down so if you are looking at your gold jewelry as an investment keep this in mind. That is not to say that 18k jewelry is trash, it is just so far from pure that it is not good as an investment in general.

If you are interested in some "investment jewelry" check out Mene. They have some great stuff and it is all pure gold and platinum.

So there is a quick look at the karat system of measuring gold fineness. I hope this helps the next time you go to buy that perfect necklace for your loved one.



Wow. I didn't realize that. Once you see "the math" why would you buy anything other than 24k

Durability. Some people actually use the jewelry and 24 karat is quite soft, it bends and bangs easily. But jewelry is a lousy investment, if bought new, it loses 90% of its value as soon as it leaves the store unless it is "designer" and then any bends and imperfections make it worth less.


Hello there @metzli! Great to meet you:) Normal that stat you mentioned is absolutely correct. I implore you to learn about Mene, a new 24k jewelry company that I discuss every day here. Mene uses 24k jewelry sold by gram weight with a transparent design of roughly 20%.

Almost every single person who has purchased gold jewelry from mene since inception (the company is around 2 years old) is actually up quite a bit on their investment

Anyway, if you are interested, please check out my blog for more info or ask me any question!


Thanks for the tip. I used to work at a "jewelry shop" which was actually just a pawn shop that had lost its zoning. Day in and day out people would come in to sell their "investment" only to find out that their investment was nearly worthless. Thanks for the tip. I will surely be checking out the shop. I love buying jewelry for my kids and usually stick to used small silver pieces that are "well priced" but gold sure sounds better.

Thank you so much for your open mindedness and for your interest. Please let me know if you have any questions at all about Mene :)

Once I do any math I need a beer and a lay-z-boy.


Hey @summertooth, here is a little bit of BEER from @davedickeyyall for you. Enjoy it!

The reason you have lower carat gold for jewellery especially rings is that gold is a soft metal and without a decent alloy it will easily deform, if your buying jewellery for an investment I would caution against it unless you are buying second hand like @fat-elvis who is buying just for the weigh. Gold jewellery usually has a mark up of twice the price of spot, so unless you love a peace or if it is so cheap it's near spot buy bullion.


And here he is! 😍

I do love my bling Madame President

Yes, I know it soft as far as metals go so not really for everyday jewelry but as an investment, it has to be 24k.
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@summertooth Sorry I missed this one. Can you send me the link greetings @wakeupkitty

That was a very simple and easy to understand explanation of the karat standard.
@tipu curate

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Thanks, @blueeyes8960. I never realized it was so simple until I researched it for this post. :)

Hahaha.... it is an eye opener for many. Aren't you glad to be informed? Thanks to Mene, @summertooth! I am glad I stack Mene.

Indeed @silversaver888. I had no idea what the karat represented until I researched for this post. I know you are a Mene super-fan and if I was a jewelry guy I would be too. I have bought charms for others though and I can see why you love it!!

I have a chain that is 10K gold. Next to 24K it looks really bland.

Yeah, I guess as long as you like it the actual gold content is secondary. Thanks for stopping in @ironshield.

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Good post @summertooth...
Some of the reasons to reduce the Karat in jewelry is also durability.
I will be Married to my lady 39 years this July.
I am on my second 10K Gold band, I do lots of building and remodeling, and I am rough on my ring that never comes off.
For investment it’s Kueg’s , Eagles and Sovereigns!!!!👍🤗

Yep, I should have mentioned that in the post but I tried to keep it simple so I could understand it too!!
;) :)

😊👍stack on my friend!!!

That is good information to have. I didn't realize the breakdown. Thanks!

Yeah, I just learned it too @elizabethbit. Really interesting.,

Thanks for breaking that down. Nice, easy to understand post

My pleasure @metzli. I learned this info for the first time in doing research for this post. :)

Informative post.
I general we talked about 916 jewellery but now I know why some jewellery is 916 grade.

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Thanks @guurry123.

nice maths...I didn't actually think about the actual weight of gold

Thanks @irisworld. I had never really thought about it either until I was researching this post.

Fantastic work @summertooth! Thanks for this

Thanks @goldmatters! You were the guy I was thinking about when I said, "there are certainly other folks here that know much more about this than I" :)
So thanks for stopping in. My daughter loves her Mene charm btw!!

Thats awesome! Which charm did she get?

I got her the first letter of her first name.

Awesome man. If you ever do a blog on the story behind it make sure to link it to me I love that stuff

This would be a perfect segway for a Menē ad... insert ad a @silversaver888 article

So true @kerrislravenhill. I can hardly think of Mene without thinking of 888. ;)

24K is the way summer 👍

True dat TD!

We all know there is only one true gold and jewelry guy on steem.... 🤠


Indeed @dfinney. As you saw he schooled me too.


Thanks @mfblack!

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