SteemReply has been shut down and is now Engage

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SteemReply has been shut down and is now @hive.engage


Hi @arcange
I'm having problems with SteemReply now.
"reply and vote" only gives vote, my comment will not be sent.
Hope you can check it up, know you have a lot to do these days

This is because of a bug introduced in the last update of Steem Keychain. I reported the bug to them and they should fix it tomorrow.
Meantime, you can log in SteemReply using SteemConnect.

Thank you for your feedback

Hey what seems to be the problem with @steemreply ??? Why this post has no recognition, very limited upvotes and no very less rewards. Is this service being shut down or what exactly is the situation??

@clixmoney: Do you have any idea about this particular post or this app provided by steemreply. Please tell me if its steemreply is safe to use.

excellente information

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