SteemPeak Release - Update v1.15 - New Proposal Page and Claim Accounts

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A new version of SteemPeak is now available. This is the first release after HF21 and include some updates to fully support it.

The new release is now live at


1. A new proposals page for the Steem Proposals System

A new proposal page is now available at All the main features should be supported on both Keychain and SteemConnect. This page is still a bit work in progress as we plan to add some more features to it and improve the layout.

Before using the system please review the FAQ (the link is at the top of the page). Thanks to @jarvie for the huge work he did to collect them.


2. Ability to claim account creation token and redeem new accounts.

The ability to create accounts using Resource Credits is something requested a while back by @mattclarke. Took us a bit but it's finally available ;)


Full Release Note:

Other than the major changes described above there are other small fixes and improvements. This is the full list:

- New Proposals page
- New operation in Wallet to claim account creation tokens and use them
- Change endpoint for nodes
- Fix vote estimation for account with 0 SP
- Update author/curators rewards according to HF21
- As always some minor bugfixes and improvements

Vote for the @steempeak witness

Now is probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:



Just a note that we have a lot more we're considering doing for Steem Proposals interface alone.
In fact some ideas really add some awesome functionality way beyond what is available now.
I guess keep an eye out on Steem Proposals because we'll list those ideas there and see which items you all like the most.

Amazing dev team, responsive for support questions and quick to implement feature suggestions. I say it loud and proud that everyone should use Steempeak as there is no reason to use any other front-end. SteemPeek can do what any of the others do, better, and with additional features you won't find anywhere else!

Support @steempeak! Upvote and ensure that 1 of your witness votes has a check-mark beside them!

Changed a witness vote to steempeak as you guys have been killing it all year. Love how up to date everything is and all the new features being added to the site. It really is leading the way for what a front end should be like for a technical blockchain based site.

We really appreciate that!

Who did you drop? :p

Someone who hadn't been keeping things updated for a while.

Grat release! If only there was an incentive to create accounts and onboard users... :)

What kind of incentive?

Inserting my usual talk, let me set a beneficiary of 1% fix for the account creator...

Being the first to integrate such a feature in your app definitely confirms Steempeak is the best Steem front-end!

Excellent work guys!

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Kicking ass, as usual, love it!

The proposal system is awesome.
I recommend having some details about the current status of the DAO at the top.

How many proposals actively being paid out. Current balance. Maybe even details about potential running out of money based on income, current balance, and projected payouts for proposals.

With all these bells and whistles being added to Steempeak (which I love, btw), is it possible to also add an auto-voter to the site so we don't have to go elsewhere for those? Thanks.

Yes we've started to work on implementation of @holger80's system



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Good job Steempeak!


Loving the proposals page, I checked it out and it's my go-to now not that the proposal site is bad, I'm just a steempeak freak lol

Is there a place I can go to read more about this RC account claiming token function? Never new you could do it? I want to know what are the requirements and all that jazz.

very nice steempeak, you're always updated and the editor of it is very useful even though I'm using a phone in using your website.


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Amazing work guys!

Awesome work! I love the SteemPeak interface. I think it was @arcange who told us first about this interface.

Cool! Voted for you as witness. Cheers! 😊

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Wonderful work! I should be checking this new features out later when I have more time!
Good work!

Sounds really good! 👌🏽

are you planning to do a proposal? you should get some steem for all this work.

We have a few we're thinking of... very small funding requests in comparison. However overcoming that refund wall is gonna be tough. I'm wondering how long it will take to overcome the wall.

Is it just me or does the vote value listed next to each proposal make no sense? For instance, the refund proposal has 21,32 T vote value but is above another one that has a vote value of 455 T. I think it stems from my US misunderstanding of what the “,” means?

EDIT: Ok, I figured it out. I was confused because of the way the refund proposal rounded to two digits after the ,

Yay, @jarvie told me the claim tokens was coming. Thanks!

Yes however right now you'd need about 5-7k SP to be able to claim.

oh good to know

0h it's a very nice information. Thank u for sharing @steempeak

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You guys are rocking. I suggested steempeak to all new members. No doubt, you earned a witness vote.

As always it's a nice work :) thanks! For a better understanding and ease of reading, would it be possible to have a visual reference of the SPSs that have received a transfer (something like status with 2 possible values: accepted/insufficient votes) as well as the amount already collected?

Thanks for your information...

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Tiene buenos elementos esta división de la Blockchain.. La he usado varias veces y está regular, habría que pulir algunos detalles.

I'm going to update my steem peak tonight. It's one of my favorite ways to get my steem on.

Thank you so much @steempeak

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