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RE: SteemPeak - Update v2.0 - Guest 'Social' Logins and New Burn Promotion System

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If you have granted the posting authority to the account you can now schedule post publishing also when you logged in the Steem Keychain.

This is by far my favourite update of this update! I used scheduled posts often but hated using STEEMConnect for everything else. So happy about this!

Not sure I like guest login, if they were able to login and then immediately create a STEEM account from their social login data that would be cool, but otherwise I don't understand how it is more enticing for them to create an account and participate in curation if they can just do a lot of lurking around in a guest account. Don't mean to be cynical about it, just voicing..



This is more relevant for content creators that have thousands of followers on other platform. We can't expect them to join if all their follower need to register a steem account to post a comment. We need to give a guest or basic account instantly to everyone so they can interact with the platform. With options to upgrade to something better later on.

Oh sorry wrote the comment before reading this one... which happens to be basically the same answer. So at least we're on the same page. haha


We are considering not JUST creators or voters but fans and followers of the creators on this platform. Many creators are interested in their already established followers being able to come in and interacting with their content... with comments and maybe a non-voting LIKE button.

Hmm.. Commenting I hadn't thought about about, but I would say make it a decoy like button and if they click it the page tells them they can 'support their favorite influencer/creator by creating a free STEEM account ''

On second thinkings, I think it is a great idea.