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RE: SteemPeak - Update v2.1 - Burn Promotion System Improvements

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Thanks to our users for continuous feedback. We hope this is a great Win for everyone.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming Communities features and how this type of system can be used by communities and tokenized communities like Tribes.


You deserve more comments! i will try to show this to steem telegram

I would like to be excited about the upcoming Communities system. However, what I haven't seen anyone sit down and do is to create a description, a walk-through, of what the experience is expected to be like for group administrators who are creating a new Community or the day-to-day usage of those Communities by end users.

I'm not asking for a full wireframe walk-through (though that would be nice), but just a general step-by-step of what the experience is expected to be like would be a huge step forward.

Like I said, I want to be excited. Unfortunately, everything I've seen about Communities appears to be geared toward making them heavily weighted for pay-to-play and pushing people into SMTs rather than being an actual structural improvement to the social media side of the environment first and foremost.

At this point, just having the rough equivalent of Reddit's subReddits would be a vast step forward, as long as they were available to everyone and worked.

There was a video from steemfest of steemit inc beta version.

We will do something like that when our beta is closer

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