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RE: SteemPeak - Update v2.1 - Burn Promotion System Improvements

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I would prefer paying you guys a given amount of SBD that is then your money (or perhaps where a percentage is added to a rewards pool of steempeak users only, and the rest going to you) rather than burning the tokens for promotion.


This is similar to how standard ads systems work. We think that the original idea of promoting posts burning some tokens is not bad at all, it just need to be fine tuned to be actually useful. This is similar to how Scotbot tribes already works (regarding promotions) and will be much better when the Hivemind communities are released.

We require a small fee, but with this system everyone on Steem will benefit from a promotion and hopefully users will not be too disappointed by this alternative to ads.

This is similar to how standard ads systems work.

Yep, and I like that, except that on Steem because of how fast/free/frictionless small transactions are, we could allow for a form of revenue-sharing with more normal users who help contribute to better engagement on the platform, which imo is a massive and disruptive change.

I just would like to see more of the apps/websites/businesses/communities accept SBDs for anything as a service, as a way to slowly but surely build an economy where our currency is accepted for something. Imo, that creates more value to me as a stakeholder than burning does.

this system is designed to work with other interfaces that want to also use it as well. Each interface may do a fee to burn ratio of their own choosing. And each interface may choose to support the other interfaces... for example we are more than willing to support other interfaces that promote based on token burns