Technology Moves Forward - The Inevitability Of Cryptocurrency Adoption

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I always wondered how people in the early days on the internet didn't see how big the internet was going to be. But now as I watch cryptocurrency work its way into the mainstream I see how people can misjudge a tech and brush it off. And what it seems to come down to is people judging the new technology in the paradigms that they are used to. Maybe people see it as money or a story of value but they are missing the whole picture. There is a lot this tech can accomplish and there is little doubt in my mind it will be everywhere in the upcoming years.

Crypto has many sides. Yes it can be money. It is money that can be sent anywhere for zero to no fees. If you think well I can't buy coffee with it or it can't scale. Just remember that tech always moves forward. This technology is in the early stages. It will be easier to spend and easier to scale in the years to come. Think of how computers were really large and now can fit in our hands. The tech will only get better.

But money is just one side of it. You have smart contracts and applications that can be built of top of a cryptocurrency's blockchain. This means you can make games with rare items that are actually rare or have an uber service that releases funds when the GPS standards are met. You have a coin that is money and a new, better form of internet.

You also have a tool for websites that is better than any before it. Giving out crypto to your users not only shows you appreciate them but gets them more involved in your website. People will care if your site succeeds as they are now literally invested in it. Plus they can now monetise their work that doesn't include ads or subscriptions fees. And the best part is all other forms of monetisation can be used as well.

Its a new tech and it can't be seen in the manner that old tech has. And with so many uses it is going to change the online world.



Totally agree and given the pace of development and change, I feel that the adoption of blockchain and crypto will be much faster than what was the internet and dotcoms.

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