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RE: The Decentralization of Financial Opportunities and Banking the Unbanked

in #steemleolast year

Many of us arrived here when we heard the promises of untold riches. Others arrived here after being wronged by the traditional financial systems. Others arrived because of the draw of a new technology that could ease the burdens of our favorite daily activities.

Came for the riches, started getting into the tech and liking the possibilities of it more and more, my bank then froze my transactions and my passion for crypto increased a lot that day... so I guess was a mix of all the above 😂

I'm very interested in the fact that even normal people, unbanked or even those who were previously banked are going to get access to new tools to invest their money for almost no bank fees and taxes! If money is run by code and trough the internet it becomes that much easier and cheaper to distribute dividends, to access new markets, access new investment instruments! Tools that only the rich and powerful had! Our whole bureaucratic system is designed in a way to make it hard for people without money to invest or get any money back! But now everything is changing! Because encryption, decentralized and permissionless money and permisionless and decentralized content sharing like Steem are available for everyone!