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I didn't start this blockchain journey out to be a die hard "Steemian", if there was another name for Steem, I will still be a die hard of whatever "it's" going to be called. At the time I realised what was going on in the technology layer of Steem blockchain I was 'shook' (shaken and hooked), based on what I could do with it and was already doing.

At the same time, I've tried (still try) really hard to not alienate myself from the applications of other Blockchains, moreover, through writing dozens of reviews of applications built on other Blockchains for competitions and leisure, I've been able to expose myself to more than a handful of blockchain projects, though I know they're still like a drop in the ocean of what's brewing behind the blockchain scenes, none has absorbed me in the way Steem has.


Taking a look at the world of Decentralized applications, the screenshot above is gotten from StateofTheDapps . It shows the Blockchains with infrastructures to support DAPPs. I think it leaves out TRON because it was formerly built on Ethereum blockchain, it recently migrated to its own chain.

These Blockchains serve as host to a myriad of revolutionary solutions in form of applications that people already use. Then I ask myself, use for what! When it comes to activities, I can speak for Steem, I can speak a little for Ethereum, I mean, its Ethereum, people play Kryptokitties there, Gods unchained and some other boring RPG games, no shades intended!, people also trade there and take loans, I wonder how much of my time those will take compared to interacting with Steem.

kindly note that my bias is based on activity.

I don't gamble in the real sense of it, when I think of TRON there's almost nothing to do in there if I'm not trading in its exchange or playing a boring rpg or gambling game. Then EOS, do I use EOS? do you use EOS? Does anyone actually use EOS? Lol (joking), people rent out their RAM there and I think there's some staking that goes on there too.

According to the data presented in the StateofDapps, in terms of users, Ethereum dominates, followed by Steem, then Klaytn. But in terms of what people can do, permitted I tie that to activity, Steem dominates, and if we are considering mass adoption of blockchain technology, it starts from giving the masses a reason to use the technology, by infusing it into activities that they will normally do and further make it interesting and easy to use while also rewarding.

Take a cue from Bitcoin, except ofcourse its boring and more people think its too difficult to use.


I can spend a whole day Steeming. I don't see anyone doing that on other blockchains, what do you want to spend your whole day doing on Ethereum? Browsing on Brave browser, Playing Cryptokitties/Gods Unchained? I bet you can't play those for 5 hours without expending a considerable amount of ETH in gas fees. Some people wouldn't mind spending a whole day gambling on EoS or TRON anyway, but that can't be me.

On Steem, through Steemit, I read posts for hours from different tribes I have interests in, I curate them with my Stake and I engage with the ones I can, yet it happens that I still somehow miss a lot. There are a myriad of videos on Dtube or ThreeSpeak that take hours to consume, I play Splinterlands for hours, I also spend a considerable amount of time writing and I end it with exercising using Actifit even though I've grown terribly lazy at that lately.

The most interesting thing is that there are economic incentives tied to these activities on a very basic level, I don't see how anyone is not shook with what Steem offers.

November last year, Tron was integrated by Samsung, Justin Sun revealed on Twitter that Samsung was going into some sort of partnership with Tron blockchain.

Justin Sun revealed on Twitter that Tron has now been integrated on Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore—a space that was up until now, only reserved for ethereum assets and bitcoin. As a result, Galaxy S10 owners are now able to access Tron (TRX) tokens and Tron DApps via Samsung devices.

Considering the amount of people who use Samsung mobile phones around the world, that's supposed to be a big deal, but how many people are gamblers?


An article further stated that Tron is also looking into partnership with Apple, while that might be too farfetched, I just think Tron is not ready in terms of application it presently offers. All these just shows how much early we are in this technology. But one thing is evident, when it comes to offering services that the masses can already use, while other blockchains are lacking or just developing, Steem is improving with 3 years above the curve.

Steem is tapping into the online world by first revolutionalizing Social media, the world of content creators and consumers through Steemit, many today claim Steem is failed due to its price and position in the marketcap, whereas developments within say otherwise.

Many also claim that Steemits reward distribution is flawed whereas Steem's side chain, Steem Engine, has created an option where disgruntled site owners can create their site as a SCOT and set the distribution the way they want if not satisfied with what Steemit offers. Even more, the development of SMT's are in its final stages.

I choose to admit that Steem is far from being perfect, however, till date, Steem remains the most advanced Blockchain with a working reward distribution system in the world.

If Steem's major issue is just the price, then that's very temporary, what is permanent will be the reason the masses have to use it, till it becomes an habit, regardless of what mobile carrier it's being accessed on, as we can already see happening.


I didn't start this blockchain journey out to be a die hard "Steemian", if there was another name for Steem, I will still be a die hard of whatever "it's" going to be called. At the time I realised what was going on in the technology layer of Steem blockchain I was 'shook' (shaken and hooked), based on what I could do with it and was already doing.

Thank you for reading...


This is no financial advice, I'm high on Steem most of the time. Kindly do your own research to avoid stories that touch.

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Very nice written and reasoned post. Thank you.
I will resteem and post on my Twitter.

Hello @shortsegments thanks for the share on twitter. Are you also familiar with other blockchains? What do you do for fun with them?

I must admit that I was involved with multiple staking and masternode coins, earning and HODLing them, but the usual misadventures so common in this niche like devs abandoning projects, hacks diverting all the masternode rewards and owners of shared pools running away with everyone’s crypto killed my enthusiasm for the 10 or so projects I was active in and then the bear market hit and I lost massively, so I converted everything to Doge coin and then Steem. I have been here ever since. I am like you spending hours on this blockchain.

Thanks for sharing your experience. As much as I wished to have joined the blockchain boat earlier, there are definately some experiences I glad I didnt have lol.

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I just adore you :) what a valuable article I just found. I need to read more of those again to feel motivated ✌🏾⭐️🌺

Oh @mammasitta ....thank you for the wide smile you just put on my face this morning.

Bless you

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