Splinterlands - Spreading Like Wildfire

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Splinterlands keeps pushing the boundaries, just a while ago an update was released that extended the reach of Splinterlands into the TRON Blockchain, that is, right from the Splinterlands interface TRON users can purchase or transfer DEC(the Splinterlands ingame currency) in and out of the game using their TRON wallets with no hassle.

This ability provided an instant link between two distinct Blockchains and it was the very first of its kind. We can say due to this innovation, Splinterlands was able to garner players from the TRON blockchain. Though the service through which this was being done, TRON watch market, was recently shut down, the Splinterlands team assures future listing of DEC on an alternative TRON market.

What the dev team have done here which is very applaudable is making the Splinterlands underlying infrastructure as flexible as possible, this is evident in the latest report made in the Splinterlands blog update posted earlier today.


The update highlighted three major improvements in the Splinterlands ecosystem , first is the integration of Splinterlands with Ethereum Blockchain, this provides the ability to convert Splinterlands cards to ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain right from the Splinterlands interface and list them on the Open Sea NFT market place.

It should be known that every card issued on Splinterlands are also NFT's(Non-fungible tokens), due to the fact that each of them are serially identifiable, therefore no two cards are the same, makes them Non fungible, while ERC721 is a protocol or contract on the Ethereum blockchain that caters to collectible items in the form of NFT's.

Here we see two distinct Blockchains being linked together as a virtue of NFT, this is not only a big deal, but it also gives us an idea into what is possible. Open Sea is the first open general marketplace for digital assets powered by Ethereum smart contracts, assets include but are not limited to game collectibles, digital art, software licences etc, are all tradeable on the Open sea market, even more, cards sent to the Ethereum blockchain can be sent back into the Splinterlands portfolio but with certain gas fees, while still retaining its value.

It was also stated that DEC, the Splinterlands ingame currency can now be converted to ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, hello Ethereum come for your daily piece of the DEC, as long as you're buying some Splinterlands cards and can battle till you drop.

How Interesting, this creates a gateway between Steem and Ethereum once again. Ethereum users can conveniently transfer DEC from Splinterlands into their Ethereum wallets, where it can be traded or sold for fiat. Again, it was stated that DEC will also be listed on major Ethereum based exchanges, so users can buy DEC with Ether and send it to their Splinterlands account.

At the end of 2019 I thought Splinterlands mobile app was going to be the highlight of updates in 2020, it appeared that the team had other things in stock for us, moreover, with updates like this, it might take a little while again to recode this new functionality into the mobile app, but I remain optimistic.

The last important highlight that got Splinterlands players excited was that the team is planning to integrate a set up to enable purchase of DEC directly with paypal!!!! As long as mainstream adoption is concerned, these updates that make Splinterlands seamless are very important.

Though these updates are more financially concerned, it shows that gradually the Splinterlands team seem to be tapping into every market and expanding its reach. First Tron, then Ethereum, then even no coiners can become straight out coiners by playing.

The future of Splinterlands continues to shine bright and I'm glad to be in the middle of it all.

Thank you for reading.

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