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RE: Crypto trends for the next decade | The time when digital Klondike will come to an end

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Hello dear @blockchainfo.

In the future, the data will belong to you and you will decide how it will be used. They won’t be owned by corporates like Facebook or Google anymore.

That´s sound gtreat!

It will definitely be DeFi that will dominate the economic field of this decade. But don't forget, DeFi is not just Ethereum.
The beauty of this financial phenomenon lies in the decentralization, freedom and flexibility of P2P, B2B operations. Without intermediaries and without government entities.
Then we would only need a blockchain and entrepreneurs with a vision of the future and crypto capital to achieve their dreams.

Your friend, Juan.


Yes, you got the point. There still could be some bugs or errors in the blockchain or smart contract codes, but keep in mind that we are in such an early stage, that I am optimistic. Thanx for stopping by!