Rise of Dataism religion, cryptocurrencies and automate everything!

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In his seminal work Homo Deus, prominent historian Yuval Harari argues that once we established Internet of Things (IoTs) among all the machines of the world, the new religion will be the dataism.

In the age of Datasim, all the things (e.g. machines, wearable, bots, augmented humans) will be able to talk with each other, produce data and interchange currencies. Data will be processed in centralized or decentralized way with machine learning and AI. Economic value will be created on data discovery rather than humanly activities. Most humans will be obsolete in that new economy much like the movie Wall-E and go for eternal vacation!

Most the jobs even the creative ones will be automated eventually with the help of AI. As a results, Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be one of the solutions that will provide subsistence to future humans. Some humans will be like Gods (deus) since they will live longer, no longer suffer and upgrade their sensations. They may merge themselves to the virtual world of never-ending adventures.

Let us discuss some discoveries that bode for dataism. Facebook have coded bots that have invented their own language to talk to each other. AI can draw abstract arts and produce music indistinguishable from human ones. We already have cryptocurrencies of IOTs named IOTA and nano. At current technologies, all the home appliances can be automated from bulbs to vacuum cleaning robots. Robot butlers, cooks, self-driving cars are already in testing.

Imagine a world, your robotic alarm woke you up two hours late since you had a nightmare and did not have a sound sleep. Your robot cook have cooked foods that would uplift your mood. Your intelligent house have adjusted lighting, temperature, humidity and ambient sound to adapt to your mind and body.

Few hours later, a robotic quadroptor taxi arrived at your pod for transport. You are visiting today an anthropology museum to do your research to write your next blog to post on Steem blockchain and book. You virtual assistant has already paid the museum fees and parking charges. Once you finished your research, your quadroptor transported you to a restaurant at 59th floor in uptown New York City. You met your friends and have a great lunch and back to your home.

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While you are not in home, your VA have calculated your shopping list and ordered them from Amazon. A drone has delivered the products and robot butler have stacked them in correct places such as smart refrigerator, smart wardrobes and restroom etc. Your robot butler with help of your robot cook brought your favorite dishes for dinner.

After your dinner, you have a frenetic discussion with your virtual assistant what information to add your next blog. When finished your blog, you programmed to post it after two hours and you went to watch "Witcher" in Netflix.

By the way, all your services are paid automatically through cryptocurrencies with Crypto.com VISA card. Earlier, you have earned a fortune in the second mega altcoin bull run!

Disclaimer: This opinion is not a financial advice, it my personal perspective and opinion. Please seek professionals for financial decisions. This opinion is only for educational purpose.

Image sources: Most images are open sourced (e.g. Pixabay, Wikimedia etc.) with Creative common license. Some images are used with due courtesy to respected owners.

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A lot of that sounds like an Edenic future to me. The question I always have is who will be in control of the data?

If my personal AI assistant reads my own data file, I have no problem with all of this. If it is tied in with Amazon, Facebook, or some other mega-tech company, then no thanks.

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Indeed! Humans always dream about going to Eden (after life). However, Eden on earth are being built piece by piece by mortals. The technological advances we modern humans enjoy these days will look like Edenic to humans millennia before us.

However, it will be more like our personal VA will interact with few centralized and decentralized systems. Our data will be protected in our own server hidden behind our own bio-metric passwords.

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That's still a long ways off. Probably shorter than I realize, but all that needs to be affordable and we're still a long way off from that. When we're seeing $40 - $50 Roombas and fully automated self-driving cars where I can sit in the back and sleep while it drives me to work, but it is awesome to think about!

Our roads are not made for autonomous cars. If all the cars were autonomous, then it would have been charms. The autonomous cars have to be extra cautious since they have to share road with human drivers.

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