Measuring The Popularity Of CBD In The Market

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CBD is wildly popular, having been previously dubbed almost more popular than Pornhub with the people these days. We can see the explosive growth in the CBD market over the last several years with thousands of CBD products coming along, and there have also been millions of CBD searches taking place on search engines every month.

People want to know more.

The interest that has been seen for all things that are related to CBD is said to eclipse the interest seen for almost every other health product or topic that is out there today.

According to one study that had been conducted by researchers from UC San Diego, they have discovered that CBD searches are vastly more popular today than many other well-known natural therapy options.

Search engine interest for CBD has been about 800 percent more popular for CBD than acupuncture, and more than 500 percent above interest in apple cider vinegar, more than 300 percent above meditation, and about 60 percent more popular than exercise in general.

More people want to learn about CBD and find out where they can buy CBD products than they want to know about cannabis in general (only about 13 percent more popular), veganism, vaccines, and other topics, products, or services.

Within the next few years, by 2022 it is estimated that the CBD market is still expected to grow to at least 40x its current size.

Search engine interest for CBD in 2017 grew by at least 125 percent and has continued to see more than 100 percent growth year after year.

This is taking place all over the United States and many other areas too, from California to New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, there is interest everywhere. Why? Maybe there are many people who don't want to be associated with cannabis use, the 'getting high' experience with THC, but they still want to reap any potential benefit that there might be for them sans that intoxicating effect. In comes CBD and all things that CBD can be incorporated into, it's being used in food, lotions, oils, gums, coffee, and more. If the estimations are close to what we might see then it looks like though it is wildly popular already, this market really has only just begun and still has tremendous room for growth.


The information posted above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or health advice.

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I've been trialing CBD drops for a few weeks now to try to aid with sleep. I'm not too sure if they have helped or not yet and I'm still working on dose and timing.

Cannabis stocks are still way down and don't look like they will be recovering anytime soon, which in my mind is the best time to invest because nobody wants them. CBD does seem to be a placebo as I think you need a little bit of THC for it to be truly effective.

there are people who have been seeing results with strictly CBD, so I think it is a bit more than placebo, but depends on the individual 😊

:) 40x in 2 years? Let's see...