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RE: Crypto trends for the next decade | The time when digital Klondike will come to an end

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I'm afraid some big company or group of companies will make their own crypto, like Facebook Libra, and also make possible all smart contracts and other benefits of the best cryptos. They have so many funds and developers and power to do this. And most people don't really care if something is centralized or decentralized. We all are walking on Earth with centralized money in our pockets.

Or, somebody invents a totally new crypto system and all others will be worthless. :)


I agree on your statement, that most people don't care about decentralized versions of anything including money. But one bad experience might make trully devoter of decentralization. Or some research. So yes, the projects like Libra can have more people actually using those, but while they will not be permissionless and decentralized, they will be missing the advantages of crypto.
And keep in mind that those projects will have regulators issues such as Libra and they will never be as decentralized as a project, where even the inventor is not known like bitcoin.

Maybe another crisis can open eyes.