Long life for the Lightning Network

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The range of bitcoin action as a cryptocurrency goes beyond the financial aspect and is already part of recognized industries such as video games. Entertainment is also a valid way to learn and interact with the main cryptocurrency in the market, something that they seek to boost from the online video game platform Satoshis.games with their Lightnite project.

Based on the Lightning Network, Lightnite is a proposal still under development in the Battle Royale style in which the participants receive rewards with satoshis, that is, with small fractions of bitcoins, by knocking down opponents or being penalized otherwise. The multiplayer adventure game was announced last October during The Lightning Conference in Berlin, Germany.

Lightnite has two game modes: one integrated with bitcoin and the other not associated with cryptocurrency. In the first, the player can load his balance with transactions through the Lightning Network, both to play and to buy items. Upon completion of his participation in battles, the player who keeps satoshis available can withdraw the balance directly to his wallet.

In the second, the user does not commit funds and only participates in the adventure by way of entertainment accumulating points, although with the possibility of acquiring implements from the store using national currencies.

To learn more details about this proposal under development, CriptoNoticias contacted Carlos Roldán, founder of Satoshis.games, who stressed that one of the objectives of the project is to bring users closer to bitcoin and to interact with the cryptocurrency without difficulty, this as a Adoption form

Development and roadmap

The development that Satoshis.games runs to shape Lightnite has a collaborative fund that tries to raise about US $ 50,000. The intention is to launch the product around February 2021, according to the roadmap established by the startup. At the time of writing this interview, the project has raised $ 3,037 from 161 taxpayers.

On this aspect Roldán stressed that the road map is not directly related to fundraising. However, the more the presale collects, the more resources will exist for the development of the title and therefore, the launch would be before the date.

Being at an early stage of execution, Roldán said there are still many challenges to overcome, but he is confident that they can be resolved without delays. “We simply have to develop. A very good game can be the key to the adoption of Bitcoin, ”he said.


Although Lightnite gets media attention for its recent announcement, this is not the first Satoshis.games game that integrates bitcoins. The firm has already developed another proposal called Super Bro in which players can also win satoshis.

In relation to this previous experience, in the face of what Lightnite will be, Roldán indicated that Super Bro allowed them to adopt game mechanisms with a creative economic implementation, which generated a favorable response in the community.

“The response has been very positive. Since it encourages the use of bitcoin. Anyone outside this does not bother you to win bitcoins for playing a good video game, ”
said the entrepreneur.

Long life for the Lightning Network

The second layer network on Bitcoin, Lightning Network, could have an exponential growth, as predicted by Roldán, who resembles its initial stages of development to the creation of mobile phones, when they were heavy and with little battery.

“In the next few years I see the Lightning Network growing exponentially. It reminds me of the first mobile phones when the Nokia weighed three kilos and the battery barely lasted. We thought that in the future mobiles would be less heavy and with more battery, but at no time we thought about paying with the mobile or having a video called in real time from anywhere in the world, ”reflected the enthusiast of video games.


His opinion is that the same goes for the Lightning Network that grows at an exponential rate and that can only be seen in the very short term in the future, but that there is no one able to see how it will be in the coming years. Despite his positive reading, Roldán says he has mixed feelings since there are no large companies that are implementing Lightning Network in the video game industry: "That makes me happy and saddens me at the same time."

When asked about the renewed global interest that video games have aroused with the realization of world tournaments, international cups and large bags of money to be distributed among the participants, the programmer was clear in saying that playing competitively moves a lot of interest.

"If you add to this a good experience of the game and an economic incentive, then you have the perfect combination,"

Lightnite is a clear example of how bitcoin and the Lightning Network are transforming various industries. In this case you have to pass the highlighter over the video games, a sector currently dominated by large global corporations, but in the future could be proposed protagonists such as Satoshis.games to spread a greater adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.


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