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Just over a year ago, the headmaster of a village school in the Ashanti region of Ghana and I embarked on a seemly impossible task. Building a computer lab in rural Kokofu, Ashanti.

Rexford, the headmaster and methodist decan of the town was my eyes and ears leading the project on the ground while I project managed all the moving pieces from the UK. I confessed to Rexford later that I did not expect the lab to turn as great as it did. I had high expectations, but we really knocked it out of the park. Rex, however, said he always knew. I found that interesting...

It's strange, looking at the computer lab now, in its current state, and trying to recapture the anxiety of solving all the little day to day problems that arose while planning and building the lab is impossible, it feels like it was so easy... Was it?

When I received this video, I knew we going to cross the finish line, what I didn't know was we were going to set a world record 🙂🙂


Congratulations @wofa!
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