Weather, Season, and Climate and its elements.

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Weather, Season, and Climate and its elements.

Hello lovely Steemian.
We often hear people say weather, weather and climate. When the sun shines brightly some say "Now it is already the dry season '
Then someone will say "Yes, now the weather is very bright."
Although many people say it turns out that not all understand what is meant by weather, season and climate. Many of us are still confused about the definition and differences of the term referred to so that understanding and use is often ambiguous and confused.

Element of Weather, season. and climate

Before discussing the differences in weather, seasons and climate it is better to reinterpret their elements. Weather, Season and Climate are basically Air Condition (Atmosphere) in a certain area which consists of air temperature, air pressure, rainfall, sunlight intensity, air humidity, and wind flow.

  1. Temperature
    The temperature is the degree of heat and cold air. The higher the temperature of the meal will be hotter and vice versa the lower the temperature of a place will feel cold. The temperature is measured by using a thermometer.
    Temperature is strongly influenced by the duration of radiation, the angle of sun exposure, the atmosphere of relief and relief of the earth.

  2. Air pressure
    Air pressure is a force that arises from the weight of the air layer. Air is a collection of gases, each of which has a mass and occupies space. Because of the mass it has, air also has pressure. Temperature in an area is very influential on air pressure in the region. If the temperature is higher, the air pressure will be lower. This is because the warm air is tenuous. Conversely, if the temperature is lower, the air pressure will be higher because cold air is denser than hot air. Based on this, temperature greatly determines the difference in air pressure in each region of the earth.
    Gauges air pressure is a barometer.

  3. Humidity
    Humidity is the content of steam in the air. The heating that occurs on the surface of the earth causes the water that is on the surface of the earth, both on land and sea, to evaporate and wash with air. The humidity gauge is a hygrometer.

  4. Wind flow
    The wind is moving air. The movement of the wind is greatly influenced by air pressure. The air will move from maximum pressure to minimum pressure. Anemometer is an anemometer

  5. Rainfall
    it should be rain in one flat unit and not come out or eat. The rainfall gauge is called the Fluviograph.

  6. intensity of solar radiation.
    the amount of sunlight received by the earth and atmosphere greatly influences the state of the air temperature. The tool for measuring light intensity is the Heliograph.

Difference in Weather, Season and Climate

After knowing the elements of the weather, climate and season it turns out the same now we need to know what distinguishes the three.


Weather is defined as the average state of air in one day. Weather consists of all phenomena that occur in the Earth's atmosphere in a short time and is observed within a few days. Weather occurs because the temperature and humidity are different from one place to another. This difference can occur because the heating angle of the Sun is different from one place to another due to differences in the latitude of the earth.
Examples of weather are sunny, cloudy and rainy.


The season occurs in a longer time than the weather and is observed in a matter of months. Season is one of the major divisions of the year, usually based on broad climate forms.
Usually in one year there are four seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Whereas in the tropics or around the equator there are two dry seasons and rainy seasons.


Climate is defined as the average weather conditions based on a long time for a location on earth or other planets and occurs in a longer time than the season and observed in a matter of years.
Based on the location of latitude, the earth is divided into four climatic conditions: tropical climate, subtropical climate, temperate climate and cold climate (poles).

Now, we already know the difference between weather, season and climate. Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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