Water vapor always moves upward

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Water vapor always moves upward

Hello Lovely Steemian
A sunny Sunday morning we were sitting chatting. My wife immediately made black coffee for me and tea for the children. The aroma is very thick. I can smell the bitter taste of coffee because I don't really like sweetness. Meanwhile- my two children asked for hot tea. When served a cup of coffee is still covered by a glass lid. When opened the distinctive aroma of Aceh coffee smelled so real.
Suddenly the youngest said.
"Father, look at the smoke coming out of your glass."
"It's not smoke, honey. It's water vapor," I replied. His brother and my wife smiled at this little child's question.
"But why move up then disappear?" He asked again.
" Asked your brother who's in high school."
His brother just smiled
"Well, it's hard to explain to a child. Steam rises to the top because of his destiny," the older brother answered casually.

Effect of density

The question of the youngest son looks innocent and can be answered arbitrarily by his brother. It may be that small children will receive answers that always say it is fate that water vapor always moves upward. However, as parents it is better to know the reasons and correct explanation so that children will get a scientific explanation that is simple but easy to understand.
We need to know that gas like smoke coming out of hot tea or freshly brewed coffee is water vapor. Water vapor is a gas that occurs from the process of heating water into steam.
In everyday life water vapor occurs due to the heating of the Sun and by geothermal heat. Examples of warming by the sun are evaporation that occurs in waters on the surface of the earth such as the sea, lake and swamp. Evaporation like this is known as evaporation. Evaporation that occurs in living things such as plants, animals and humans is known as transpiration. Evaporation that occurs through evaporation and transpiration will produce water vapor that can accumulate into clouds.
All steam generated from heating will always move up.
This happened because hot water also caused hot money. In hot steam will cause expansion. Expanding air so as to increase the volume of water vapor is greater, while the period remains. In physics, of course, studied density = mass/volume. The greater the volume of expansion, the smaller the density of air. The easiest term to understand is water vapor is lighter.
Meanwhile, the air around the hot water has lower temperatures so that the volume is small. Thus it can be said air has heavier properties. When air is heavy and meets lighter water vapor, objects that have a lighter density will move upwards.
This can be explained physically by using Archimedes' law which explains that if there are two substances mixed then a substance that has a smaller density will move up to a body with a greater density.
Thus we now know why the water vapor in tea moves upward.
Thus all my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.