Plants in a dark place grow taller

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Plants in a dark place grow taller

Hello Steemian
A few days ago the youngest moved plants in pots that he planted seeds began to sprout. the pot he put under the sun then he moved it to a dark place.
"Thank you, yeah. Later, if it's too hot to die," he said.
I let him do that.
This morning he saw plants being moved to a dark place. He was surprised when he saw the plant grow so tall. He holds the stem and feels like he is analyzing. Then he asked me.
"Well, does this plant grow very long unlike the plants in the yard? Then the stems are long but look very weak?"
My son asked as was looking deeper. As parents, of course we have to give the right and correct answers about 8-year-old children will also be easy to understand.


We already know that every green plant will carry out photosynthesis in its life. To photosynthesize plants need light, especially sunlight. Which acts as a source of energy in the process of photosynthesis are red, blue, green, and blue violet light. Photosynthesis results found in plants will be used for growth. As an organ that is responsible for photosynthesis in the leaves there is a network of plastids that contain chloroplasts. Chloroplasts play an important role in photosynthesis. With the help of light chloroplasts will process water, carbon dioxide and other nutrients into food.
The availability of adequate light will increase the formation of chloroplasts. In the same plant, but living in different places the lighting will cause differences in leaf size. Leaves from plants that are in a place that is sufficiently lighted have a narrower size, but the mesophyll tissue is thicker than leaves from plants that are in a place that is less light.
In the case of seeds that are planted in a dark or shady place they will grow fast, but abnormal (weak body). The event is called etiolation. Height of plants in a place that is less light, higher than plants that live in a place that is light enough.

Then surely the question arises why plants in the dark are higher than plants in the light?
According to biology, there are several reasons why plants in dark places will grow taller. The cause is:

  1. Plants that live in a place that is not getting enough light, the transparency is low so that the water content is higher. The high water content stimulates cell division and cell widening. However, plant weight is lower because of low photosynthetic activity.
  2. Stomata in plants that are in a place that is less light has a smaller amount, but their size is large.

Although growing taller, the plants undergoing etiolation tend to be weak. So it would be better if the plants get enough sun shine so that the body can be good and sturdy.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post.I hope you enjoy it.

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