Evenings and mornings in the dry season are cooler than in the rainy season

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Evenings and mornings in the dry season are cooler than in the rainy season

Hello lovely Steemian
For countries around the equator, they must know the tropical season. for countries traversed by monsoons such as Indonesia only know two seasons namely the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season usually comes from October to March, while the dry season will come between April and September.
Besides the high rainfall, the difference between the rainy season and the dry season is temperature.
When it rains especially if it is rain all day, the temperature will be cold. In the dry season, the temperature will feel hotter because it does not rain, especially during the daytime when the sun is shining hot.

Existence of water that stores heat

Even though during the daytime in the dry season it feels hot. But at night and morning when the dry season the temperature feels very cold.
It turns out that this is influenced by the amount of water in the soil which decreases during the dry season.
When the rainy season the amount of water on earth is very much. Water is in the form of liquid and will be stored in the land and waters of the sea, rivers and lakes. While water vapor will dissolve in the air.
Conversely, when the dry season makes the surface of the Earth drier and the water content in the soil thinning so that the amount of water vapor in the air is very small.
The minimum water content in the earth is due to the reduced intensity of the rain and the amount of clouds. The reduction in the amount of water vapor on the Earth's surface is seen from low humidity so that the air feels very dry.
In physics it is explained that water is a pretty good conductor of heat. Water also easily stores heat energy from sunlight. In the rainy season the sun still has time to illuminate the earth. because the surface of the earth contains a lot of water, then the heat from sunlight will be stored in water either in clouds, in the sea, in river lakes or water entering the ground. As a result, the temperature on earth will feel warmer.
Whereas during the dry season, the amount of water either in liquid or vapor form is very small. As a result, thermal energy from the sun cannot be stored properly.
this causes during the day the air will feel hotter than the rainy season because the sun's heat will go straight to space and spread without being absorbed by clouds.
At night and morning, the heat from sunlight stored by the surface of the Earth will be returned to the atmosphere without any reflection from the clouds. As a result, the surface heat of the Earth will be wasted quickly and lost to space and then spread and no one is storing it, namely clouds.
This is what then makes the surface air temperature cooler than usual because the surface heat of the Earth disappears faster than other seasons.
For this reason, when you wake up in the morning when the dry season, the air will feel cooler than usual days.
Thus my writing about the temperature at night and in the morning when the dry season is cooler than the rainy season, may be useful for us all.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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