Bats don't crash into trees at night

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Bats don't crash into trees at night

Hello Steemian
It was late afternoon when a bat suddenly entered the house. the bat didn't stop flying. He flew in and out of the door of the room but had not been able to find the exit because it was closed.
When my son found out there were bats he even tried to hit them with the cloth he had rolled over and over again. But bats always manage to avoid them. He seemed to be a martial artist who was able to avoid the coming attack.
The youngest wants to join in but I forbid it. He asked me to open the front door and not long after that the bat managed to leave the house without crashing into the door or wall.
The youngest looks amazed at bats that are disturbed by humans can survive and without crashing into the surrounding objects?
"Why didn't the bat hit the door or the wall, Daddy? How could the bat also avoid being attacked by brother?" asked the youngest in curiosity. As parents, of course we have to give correct, logical and simple answers so that children understand


Bats are nocturnal animals, meaning they are more active at night. Even we know that bats will sleep during the day. Bats are mammals that can fly. From biology, we know that Indra's vision is less sharp.
As a bright animal, it would be very dangerous if you do not have vision in the dark night. Strangely, bats never crash or collide with each other when flying at night.
It turns out that in its activities bats rely on the ability of echolocation. Echolocation is the ability to detect the environment using sonar. Bats make high frequency sounds, around 100,000 Hz. When this sound hits an object, it will bounce and its reflection will be captured again by the bat. The sound reflection provides information about the location of an object that is in the vicinity.
With this ability bats can fly at high speed without worrying about striking trees or objects around them. Echolocation is used as a flight guide and navigator when looking for food.
Bats also have a keen sense of smell. The sense of smell is used to find out the ripe fruit.
So no wonder we will find out the rest of the fruit eaten by bats must be ripe fruit. Bats will not take fruit that is still raw. All of these are bats that have a good sense of smell and echolocation.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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