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RE: Science Confirms the Healing Power of the Purr

I can totally relate and agree wholeheartedly.

Research has also shown that a purring cat helps with meditation, as they purr in our natural alpha wave range, and they can also greatly help those suffering from mental and emotional trauma, depression, PTSD and more.

My cat Bear definitely helped me through my divorce, and he also helped me through the grief when our three elder cats died within a year, as a result of the stress of our breakup.

He also helped me greatly to be perfectly cool with not jumping directly back into dating, and instead waiting until I was really ready, which took nearly two years.

And today, at age fifteen, he is still my sweet and loving companion and familiar, adores my husband, and has welcomed every cat (and dog) that we've brought into our home, which currently includes two much-younger female cats and a male dog. He's absolutely the best.

After my mom suffered a stroke in 2004, she wound up in a nursing home, and the great part of that was that they had a number of resident dogs and cats that were allowed to roam the halls and join the residents in their rooms.

My mom had had to leave her cat behind, which was promptly taken in by my sister Carol, and my mom missed him terribly. I know that having the cats in the facility was instrumental in keeping her spirits up, and helping her to remain calm and focused on healing.

And I agree completely -- far more healing facilities should incorporate animals into their healing protocols, especially cats, and help save lives in the process.


Cats seem to have an extrasensory perception when it comes to their humans.

A little stray showed up on my doormat not long ago. She had a huge gaping wound on her neck, 4X3 inches- large for a small teenage creature.
I got her medical attention then she healed at my home, which took several months as the wound was pretty deep.

What caused her to bypass my neighbors and cry at my door? They have cats, too.

After her healing period I tried to find her a loving home. Problem is she's jet black.

So, I decided to introduce her to my resident cats. At least she'd have social time and interaction.

She attached herself to me. Then
my baby, my familiar, Gizmo, suffered a sudden and unpredictable health issue and passed.

I raised her and her brother from 2 days old after they were found in a grocery bag tossed in the trash.

As I'm comforting Gizmos brother, the new girl is comforting me...

Makes you wonder why she chose my doorstep...

Bear is a true angel sent to you <3

It makes my heart happy to hear how your mother's facility is using pets to help the residents, and giving homes and jobs to the pets whose lives they're saving. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.