Reading and research worksheet for Gr 6-7 - What on earth are we doing?

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Even if you go through live with blinkers on your eyes and you have not seen the movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" or "The Uncomfortable Truth" you will still know that planet Earth is in danger.  Unfortunately some people just choose to ignore that fact.


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Have a look around you and listen to the 'screams' of Earth asking for help.  It is estimated that the population on Earth will be much more in the next decades, despite from illnesses like AIDS, TB and SARS.

In the developed countries each person generates about 90 tons of rubbish per year.  Difficult to believe that one person can do that.  What will happen to all this rubbish?

The Earth's temperature has risen with about 3 degrees celsius since 1989 which does not sound like a lot, but it does have a huge impact.  Before 1989 it took 180 years for the Earth's temperature to rise by 1 degrees so that will give you an indication on how people have treated Earth since.

Climate changes causes disasters in nature like tsunamis, earthquakes and snowstorms.  Lately this is becoming something that is seen more and more and people do not consider it as an exception any more.

Cyclones and tornadoes are also becoming more destructive.  Areas that use to have mild climates, where most of the world's food are produced are becoming more dry and the wet tropical regions are getting more rain.

What are the reasons for this crisis our planet is experiencing?  There are two main reasons

  1. the destruction of the ozone layer and
  2. the greenhouse effect

The destruction of the ozone layer is caused by the man made gas CFC.  You will find that in the chemicals that is used in the production of aerosol cans and some polystyrene.  Without the protective layer of the ozone Earth will be like a marshmallow toasted over the fire.

The greenhouse effect is probably a bigger problem for our planet.  This effect means that our planet and us are blanketed by an invisible cloud of toxic gasses like carbon dioxide and methane and the heat is trapped and Earth keeps on heating up.

Where do these gasses come from?  From all the burning of coal and oil, from the exhaust pipes of cars, the burning of forests, pollution, pesticides which is used in agriculture and the waste products from mining to name but a few.

You can see clearly that the future of Earth is our responsibility and we cannot sit and wait any more for somebody else to do something about it.  Start today and do something good for Earth - no matter how small.

For enrichment

  • Read how the ozone layer is destroyed here
  • Learn more about natural disasters  like earthquakes and tornadoes here
  • Do research and find out why is Earth's temperature rising?
  • Find more information on illnesses like AIDS, TB or SARS.
  • Draw a sketch in which you explain the greenhouse effect. (if you cannot remember what it is, do research first)
  • Do research and find ways in which you can help Earth.


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This earth is not only for us, but for our generation unborn, so we shall all join hands and make it habitable at all times. Thanks for your brilliant post.

Such beautiful words and so true - thank you

yeah... i hope many people will see this fact about our one and only home-Earth..thaks for sharing... discipline is very important. we must learn to discipline be responsible inhabitans in this worl...coz' we are only care takers of this beautiful and wonderfully made planet.

Thank you and I fully agree

Very important topic! Thank you for taking the time to create and share this.

Thank you