Back To Steemit platform after 1 year 🔥

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hello all guys.
I am back to steemit after a long time.
Before one year I used Steemit daily,after you know that the rate of SBD and Steem goes down then i left doing posts and Use of steemit.
today after approximately 1 year I think that i have to post in steemit platform.
hope the price bof SBD will increase again and reach to peak point in upcoming days.
so I told you Before 2 year that i am dojng Bs Surgical ✂️ .At that time when i started steemit i got admission in Bs surgical and now my 3rd year is in progress.Its mean i am using steemit from 3 years.
this is my photo during the suturing in surgery.
here is another photo
these photo are original that i took from my mobile.
After 1 year this is my post in steemit. Hope you like it give me good response in this post.And hope i will post now more about surgeries with you in steemit platform. Thanks
from @usahil

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