STEEMPUNK Is A Game About Steem/Steemit?

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The idea

In this concept we will create the first steps of establishing a Multiplayer Online Role Playing
Game based upon the steemit blockchain.
Player should have the possibility to challenge other players and attack them, while the
opponents are able to defend themselves. This very basic thought should be based upon the
blockchain of steemit, which limits player numbers to all steemit users at maximum.
Players are able to boost their stats using different potions and items. These items can either
be found in the world of STEEMPUNK-NET, or they can be acquired within a shopsystem
shipped within the software.
The game itself should enhance the user experience on steemit and support the active
collaboration on this platform. Actions that are in favor of exactly doing that are rewarded in
different ways within the game, we will explain this more in detail in the upcoming chapters.
Setting this game into the steampunk genre and accompanying it with a rich storyline is
adding atmosphere and also creates the opportunity to identify with the character that the
user is playing.

Market potential

To check if this idea has any market potential we launched a proposal on Steemit. The
account that authored the post was only 3 weeks on the platform and the reach of the
posting can for sure be considered as low. Nevertheless it had 156 votes after 2 days and
the reaction within the comments was absolutely positive. All in all the Post earned 8 $ and
the followers of the account doubled.
This post was only done in german, so the whole international community was not
On 09/26 a second Teaser was launched, this time with more informations and in both,
english and german. This post was received extremely positive and had 256 votes, earned
70 $ and has 126 comments, including the answers that have been written by the team. All
of them were encouraging and positive except two.
Based upon these clear signs of a market and the own estimations of the team we come to
the conclusion that the market potential of such a new kind of game, based upon a
blockchain is an absolute given.

The game

Character classes
The game will be launched with two character classes to choose from.

The Wanderer (Adventurer)

The wanderer is the allrounder in the world of STEEMPUNK-NET. His abilities are not very
much specialized at character creation, he is literally the jack of all trades. He is able to
develop into any kind of specialist imaginable.

The Aristocrat

Born as being part of the ruling class a lot of his time got invested into training his mental
abilities. He is not very experienced in using his physical strength, but being a master of
strategy and able to wield complex weaponry makes more than up for this.
We will release many more character classes in upcoming patches, including but not limiting
to the Technomage, the Explorer or the Elder.


Every character has the 6 basic attributes

  • Defense
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Experience
  • Constitution
  • Education

Defense is the ability to dodge attacks or to parry them. There is no difference made
between pure physical attacks and technology supported ones.

Strength defines the pure physical strength, more strength means ultimately more damage
in a physical fight.

Dexterity is the ability to execute coordinated moves with high precision. In game this is
used to describe the ability of a character in using ranged weapons.

Experience is a value that represents the experiences and fights leading to the level of the
character. Experience can not only be gained through winning combats but also by finding
items or solving quests or being an active member of the Steemit community.

Constitution stands for the physical and mental resilience of a character. Actions within the
game like fighting, require a certain constitution level and if executed subtract a certain
amount from the value. Is the value of constitution reaching 0 a character needs to rest to
regain or can use an item like a rejuvenation potion.

Education has different purposes within the game. On the one hand side a character with a
high education value can use more complex weaponry. On the other hand side quests could
require a certain level of education as a prerequisite in order to be able to solve them.

Items within the game

There are 2 ways a character can get an item into his inventory.

● By finding the item. Some items are dropped within various postings on Steemit. If a
player does read such a posting he might be rewarded with this item.

● Items can be purchased through the integrated shop system that is shipped with the
software of STEEMPUNK-NET. Items purchased this way a directly available in the

Items do generally have the purpose of making the game more interesting and to increase
the level of unpredictability of the outcome of a combat. It is also thought about including a
class of legendary, extremely mighty items, which also could have monetary implications on
a player and therefore will be in great demand. These legendary items will be unique within
the game, meaning that only of them is existing at one time.
The list of items within STEEMPUNK-NET can be divided into the following categories:

List of item categories
  • Weapons
    - Shotgun
    - Revolver
    - Raygun
    - Phaser
  • Potions
    -Potion of Rejuvenation (replenishes constitution)
    -Eduboost TM (increases education)
    -Exoskeleton (increases strength)
    -Neuraloverdrive (increases dexterity)
  • Nodes
    -Nodes are carrying out research orders for you and support the character. They are additionally needed to execute hacks. Nodes can only be purchased at the store.
  • Energy shields and Armor
    - Energy shields are pure defensive items and increase the defense value of the character using them.
    - Leather and Cloth Armor also increase the defensive value.

Turnover splitting

50% is directly going back to the players.

30% of the turnover is for the developers and the team.

10% is reserved for bug bounties.

10% is reserved to finance upcoming in game events.

Players will directly have a stake in the turnover of STEEMPUNK-NET. Top players will
directly get a share of the total turnover, statistics will be posted weekly to show

  • Who won most combats?
  • Who found most items?
  • Who is the best rookie of the week?
  • The holy private Key

All these statistics and all payouts will be done on a weekly basis. Having such a short
reward timeframe ensures direct motivation, especially for smaller accounts.
There will also be a daily post, wrapping up all actions within the game for that specific day.