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RE: Update: Townhall & Witness Meeting

in #steemit2 years ago

"This would be the first time in history that two blockchains of this size will be connected to one another so that tokens can flow freely"

lol stinc, you're telling me steem and tron are bigger than bitcoin and ethereum?

you're not the first either cuz atomic swaps have been in existence for years.

and why do i get a feeling justin is gonna come up with a random webpage and call it "atomic swaps"?


So, Bitcoin connects to Ethereum, Litecoin, and what else via the atomic swaps? I didn't realize that but Bitcoin is a pioneer in being the first cryptocurrency as far as I know. So, if they're doing it, then perhaps Steem and Tron should do it and eventually Steem should connect to Bitcoin, right?

yea i guess, but i'm no expert. all i can say is this: they're secondary layers and steem is neither the first nor the biggest. justin lacks clarity in his marketing because he doesn't care or is incompetent. either way, it means he's gonna burn steem to the ground.

But would Steem be the biggest social networking blockchain assuming that Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, are not social networks in the same way that Steemit might be?

yes maybe. but the post says "blockchains" and nothing about social media. again, justin lacks clarity cuz he's got nothing but hype. if dlive becomes censorship-resistant like he says it will, i might start thinking about believing him.

Did Dlive ban Infowars?

you can't ban someone that's not even aware of your platform.

yea, maybe not