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You may notice length of this post and wonder if it's even worth to read it. I tell you what: stay with me and I promise to make it worth those 10minutes of your time. And perhaps, just perhaps, you will end up becoming one of us.

Intrigued? I can only hope so ....



I'm very positive that most of us are entering the New Yaer 2020 with some personal new year resolutions of our own, ideas of what we want to achieve and ever ready to focus our efforts on things that truly matter. And if we want to succeed, then it is absolutely crutial to set up realistic goals and expectations. Ambitious, yet realistic.

Today, I would like to share some of our goals and priorities for 2020. I will explain the economy model behind our community - the one we've been building for the past 9 months (since the idea of @project.hope was born).

Within the last few weeks, I've encoutered a number of challenging questions and the most common one went something like this: how can we provide 100% ROI to delegators? how do we benefit and earn steem? what's in it for you?

I PROMISE, that by the end of this publication you will learn all the answers for those questions and perhaps you will decide that our project is something you would like to be involved in. I will also reveal a few ways of joining our efforts and becoming part of our small, but cosy and well established community.

PROJECT HOPE - who are we


We're group of several individuals, STEEM blockchain early-adopters, building our influence and sharing our passions via the social media platform called Steemit.com (or steempeak.com). We also share similar interests towards topics related to technology, blockchain, AI, machine learning as well as business, economy, psychology etc.

When we started (me together with @juanmolina) - our initial idea was been quite straight forward: to help a small group of friends from Venezuela - some of them are well educated profesors: to secure extra source of income, which would allow them and their families to go through current difficult times.
More details (for those curious ones): https://www.projecthope.pl/about_us

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Within the past half year the idea behind @project.hope was shaped and it seemed that we've managed to build a healthy economy. An economy in which many different parties collaborate together. An economy which may allow those few Venezuelans and their families to better their lives and allow them to create "job positions" for themselves. Here. On STEEM blockchain.

Sounds interesting? I hope so :)



Our project is build currently on 3 different groups: DELEGATORS + CONTENT CREATORS + CORE TEAM

Delegators do not receive upvotes from us as a form of payment. We do not sell @project.hope upvotes. Our goal is to provide delegators with 100% curated rewards, making sure that delegating to us is profitable and worth it.
so delegators = GROUP A

We're upvoting manually with 100% VP - mostly publications related to tech industry + economy, publications posted mainly by several content creators who are part of this project. You can see those publications while visiting @project.hope and scrolling through recently resteemed post.
Content creators = GROUP B

All authors from our group are setting up 20% beneficiary from their posts to @ph-fund (project hope fund) and those resources will be used to support financially 5 well educated Venezuelans; right now I cover all those expenses myself and I'm hoping that within the next 3-4 months @project.hope economy will become fully sustainable.

This way, all of those 5 guys (@juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @jadams2k18, @pedrobrito2004) will manage to earn some extra money and we will be creating job positions for them.
Those 5 Venezuelans (CORE TEAM) = GROUP C

Their main goal of GROUP C is to promote our project channels and bringing more traffic to publications of GROUP B. At the same time they are helping me to get more delegators on board (currently almost 40 users, delegating around 250k steem power).

This way all groups (A,B,C) participating in project.hope are benefiting.

And what is in it for me? I'm in the middle of it all - building valuable contacts and expanding my influence. Win-win scenario (at least that's how I see it).





I can only hope that it does. It's crutial for me to learn your opinion and I would seriously appreciate each valuable feedback. I'm mostly interested in knowing, if this explanation does make sense to someone who isn't really involved in our project and who didn't know much about it till now.

Most valuable comments will receive 50-100% upvote - I like to show my appreciation and reward those who actually read :)

Obviously I would love if you could help us and RESTEEM this publication, so it would reach a wider audience.

founder of @project.hope and www.projecthope.pl




As mentioned before - all valuable publications posted by collaborating authors are being resteemed on @project.hope and also upvoted.

The trick is that we're upvoting each post several hours after it's being resteemed. That gives you an opportunity to maximize your own upvotes: all you need to do is visit our profile daily, check out recently resteemed content and upvote it (knowing that 250k SP upvote will follow within few hours).


If you're a content creator passionate about said topics mentioned above, struggling with building an audience, lack of valuable upvotes and having little to no engagement, then drop me a message and let's get in touch:
telegram: crypto_piotr

I will gladly discuss options of you joining our team and collaborating with us.

Hopefully by now you think that our efforts are worth your support and you'll consider delegating some SP to help us grow. We will be happy to have you on-board our project and in return we share 100% ROI (curation rewards) with all delegators.

We share those rewards on a weekly basis and currently 1000SP delegated to @project.hope will result with a profit of average 2 STEEM / week (which is slightly more than pretty much all delegating bots are offering).

More details: https://www.projecthope.pl/passive_income

First of all, what you intend to do is noble. There are, however, some kinks that would have to be worked out before I would invest.

Second, my understanding of your three-tiered system is as follows: Team A provides SP through delegation to give big upvotes to the content creators in Team B, who have agreed to delegate part of their author rewards to Team C, the five chosen Venezuelan authors who will be earning their support by reaching out to delegators, promoting Project Hope's channels, and promoting Team B's content. Project Hope then delivers the curation rewards to the delegators, and the agreed-upon percentages from Team B's author rewards to Team C's members.

Having now laid it out as best I understand it, here are some additional questions and statements:

  1. How is it that Project Hope can guarantee 20 percent above what we would earn if we were to manually curate the articles Team B is putting out?

  2. A statement: 20 percent is not a convincing metric to me since under normal circumstances I probably would not have seen much of the content in Team B. This leads to the next question:

  3. Will Team B's subject matter expand with time? This comes from the knowledge that only a certain number of people are into reading and voting on the content Team B produces, and if Steem were to drop significantly, you would need to shore up Team B's readership in order to maintain even the same level of reward to distribute and remain profitable to delegators at the level you have promised.

  4. Somewhere on this page you have presented a metric of every 1,000 SP delegated putting forth a return of 2 Steem every weekend. How would this be accomplished, exactly?

  5. A statement: those of us with good facility in math know that with there being 52 weeks a year, 1,000SP delegated will lead to a ROI of a little over 10 percent a year for just about 10 years -- ASSUMING things in Steem stay as they are. I'm not going to lay out the math here. That's your job. Those of us who don't have a round 1,000SP especially need to understand how the percentages work, and both whales and the whale-minded smaller delegators may discount your project just because you didn't provide the numbers.

  6. Assuming things will stay as they are in Steem is a fool's proposition -- so, in generalized terms, how will you provide stability in ROI given that you cannot control the direction of Steem and that you have chosen to make Team B limited to niche subject matters that may or may not grow in proportion to changes in Steem?

  7. What reports will you generate to show transparency to delegators?

  8. A statement: I have been to your passive income page, and this is what is written: "if you were to delegate 3k SP increasing total amount of delegations to 60k SP, then you would receive 5% of all curation rewards on weekly basis. Therefore your delegation will serve a great cause and you will enjoy passive income." Again: I have sufficient facility in math to understand your example, but I also have sufficient facility in reading to know that on this page you have already said that the account has 250K in delegation already, meaning the possibility of investing 3K SP and picking up five percent in curation rewards every weekend is long gone. Again: whales and the whale-minded who notice the contradiction are likely to discount your offering from the gate. We need the real numbers, and we need them to match. I am not going to do the math here to correct the percentages for you on what 3K SP will actually earn an investor in who comes in while you already have 250K, although I can. That's your job. The fact that you have not done it already I like to think is an oversight.

My heart wanted to break off what I could spare and put it in this project -- however, I have not achieved having more than 1,000SP to work with in just ten months here by following my heart. When numbers clearly do not jive, I do not invest. Because I care about the work you are doing, however, I want you to seriously consider and solve these problems so that the project can be as credible as it can be when I return with more resources in hand to look again. I wish your project well.


Greetings, @crypto.piotr: PH does seem like an interesting project, but there are a few points I am unclear on:

  • Are creators accepted from all countries, or is the focus on Venezuelans only?
  • What language(s) will the creator posts be in (my Spanish is no bueno)?
  • How do you determine that a given creator is 'worthy' of PH support - what is the criteria or basis for that determination?
  • If I choose to delegate SP, but later (be it weeks or months) decide that I have another need for that SP, how easy is it to undelegate it so that I have access to it again?

The source of my hesitancy is mostly my concern over the political situation in Venezuela. I admit this is largely due to ignorance and a distrust of the mass media news outlets in the United States to provide an unbiased picture of the situation there. My (likely flawed and oversimplified) understanding is that the country there is very polarized into the ruling elite and the impoverished lower class. If this project is really only benefitting the elite to the detriment of the lower class then I would be reluctant to support it. I would be fine with a core team that comes from the elite, but truly are working to improve the situation of the disadvantaged lower class. It would be even better if the supported creators are disadvantaged people from any part of the world that is similarly polarized.

I am perhaps overly cautious when it comes to such projects because too many (not necessarily on steem) have turned out not to be what they claimed to be. But I also desire to be educated where my understanding is flawed. Ultimately, I wish to aid the truly disadvantaged and not further the cause of the already privileged elite.



I hope my previous long reply won't put you to sleep @jdkennedy :)

Enjoy your weekend

I was asked for my comments and here they are, although you may not like what I have to say:

This project is just another form of circle-jerk (although in reality, the entire system is mostly a circle-jerk and it is designed to perpetuate it), so I have no problem with that.

There are far more than 5 people from Venezuela struggling to earn a few cents on this platform and I would like to see the most needy get help instead of a select few. How can we determine who actually needs help the most?

At what point do we/you determine that your chosen 5 have learned to fish well enough that another 5 should be supported?

It seems discriminatory to choose certain topics that will be supported while anything you don't find interesting should be rejected as bad content no matter how good it is or how much effort goes into creating it. At least when people curate naturally, they choose what to read and vote on their interests. This "system" seems to kind of force the votes that may not otherwise have been given; or taken a vote away from someone else because the vote was used in the system and now the VP has run out for what might otherwise have been curated by the voter.

Please don't take my comments as hateful or as an attack; It is not my intention at all. It is just that I don't beat around the bush with my words and I say it as I see it. Under normal circumstances, I would simply not say anything at all, but I was invited to come here and give my opinion. I have always believed that the truth is better than a lie and that it is better to hear the truth than to believe everything is fine when it is not.

At least you know that I've read your content and I made an effort to give you my honest opinion.


Hi Piotr,
Since you started @project.hope it is amazing to see what this project has become. It started out as a way to help some people in Venezuela and now it is a project that offers quite a lot of possibilities to everybody here on steem.

As a delegator and content creator, project.hope is for me the only real community here on steem. It fullfills a lot of things:

  • it helps people who really need it by providing them with a regular income
  • it helps content creators to get visibility
  • it helps delegators to get an interesting return on investment

In addition to that it is a very dynamic project that has the potential to become a real business for a lot of people.

I congratulate all the members of this project and encourage them to continue their work and dedication.

Best regards,

Hi @achim03

Thanks friend. this growth project is thanks to many who are believing in hope

The seed, now planted, has yet to even sprout.

Thanks for your kind words and comment!

Btw, happy new year @achim03 😊

As a delegator and content creator, project.hope is for me the only real community here on steem.

Thanks for this words! ㋡

Thank you for your always supportive feedback @achim03

Im not sure if you remember, but you are the one who shared idea of using beneficiary within our publications. During my visit in Switzerland you've told me that this is posible. And right there, this very moment I started seeing new possibilities :)

Your input and your knowledge has enormous value for me buddy :) Sometimes I wish I could simply download everything you knew :)

In addition to that it is a very dynamic project that has the potential to become a real business for a lot of people.

Let me tell you a bit about our next step (something that is still on progress). We've teamed up with developers behind @holybread and our entire core team supported them lately with their game beta testing. It's a game build on steem blockchain and I really believe that this one may attract many users.

We're waiting for their ref-link program to be explained in details and most likely all 6 of us will focus our efforts for next several weeks on promoting this game aend all profits would be going to project.hope fund.

This way we do not need to be 'hired' to market some product. We may be able to do it ourselfs - without any "boss". And our paycheck will depend on results of our work.

How does it sound? :)


@project.hope właśnie dostałem wiadomość:) Myślę, że projekt jest naprawdę świetny i przejrzałem praktycznie wszystkie połączenia, jak i obserwuje kanały. Jest to naprawdę świetne! Najważniejsze, żeby projekt nie poszedł w całkowitą automatyzację i stworzył coś, dla tych, co nie mogą sobie pozwolić- delegacje.

Z drugiej strony lepsza jakość i będzie pożądanie dołączenia do takiej grupy. Więc są tego plusy. Myślę, że w ostatnich miesiącach jest tego potrzeba, biorąc pod uwagę nadużycia przez flagi nawet te dosyć mocne konta, których nie jestem zwolennikiem. Sam rozumiesz chciwość, pazerność, zazdrość rujnuje wiele drug.

Projekty jak Hope czy Curangel są potrzebne, żeby wspierać steemian i nowych. Tak samo, jak jest potrzeba porządnej reklamy w celu przyciągnięcia firm nie koniecznie tych dużych.

Osobiście jestem w trakcie zbierania steem na giełdzie i na pewno zainwestuje w projekt z tego konta. To konto będzie, odpowiedzią dla tych, co nadużywają władzy, grabiąc innym z postów i dlatego zostaje anonimowe. Powodzenia w dalszych realizacjach. Obserwuje bacznie:)

Przepraszam, że w rodowitym języku...narzędzia tłumaczą jak chcą:)

Chociaż polski nie jest moim językiem ojczystym i ogólnie tłumaczenie komputerowe „nie jest zbyt dobre”, spodobał mi się twój komentarz i chciałem powiedzieć: dziękuję za komentarz i mamy nadzieję, że przeczytam cię w najbliższej przyszłości.

@project.hope, All these points are absolutely encouraging one and i want to appreciate that this Project is focusing towards the Creation of Jobs and i have to say that this kind of ambitious step till now no one taken on the Steem Blockchain.

Every Party is contributing something and definitely every Contribution should be appreciated and these points clearly mentioning that how all Parties will be rewarded and benefited.

I am looking forward to enjoy this journey and Community with Ambitious steps makes the journey more excited.

Wishing you successful and abundant journey in Year 2020 team. Stay blessed always.

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Appreciated @chireerocks.

You are definitely also part of Project Hope.
You've been there with your posts and comments ... from the beginning.
We are very grateful to you. You can be sure that there will always be a space for you in our humble project.

Your Friend, Juan.

Thank you so much for your kind and brotherhood words brother. Stay blessed always.

Thanks man for your kind words and good wishes.
Btw, happy new year 2020! 😊

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response. Good wishes from my side and have a blessed Year 2020. Stay blessed.

Stay blessed

Thank you so much. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks
Thanks friend. you are definitely also accompanying hope, you are on this trip with us as a team.

I send you a big hug from Venezuela

Welcome and thank you so much for your empowering words and response brother. Stay blessed always.

Cool man let me know what I can do to help support your project. I love seeing stuff like this where people are actually using the blockchain for what it was intended to be used for, not just for nonsense blogging about their daily activity or what they ate.

Dear @vipservice

Thank you for your previous supportive comment. I don't think we had chance to get to know each other.

Are you behind canna project? I already bookmarked @vipservice introduction and I will read it tomorrow with fresh brain.

Cool man let me know what I can do to help support your project.

Could you please spare few minutes of your time and have a look at this discussion/proposal that I'm brainstorming with few other guys from "project HOPE"?


Perhaps you would find it worth to join current experimental phase of our curation trail.
We want to test results of this curation trail for next few weeks before we will make it public.

HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.

Cheers, Piotr

It's me again @vipservice

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using steemauto.com? We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

Hello Piotr,
I think it's impressive what is achieved already. It can for sure make a difference!
On #SPUD9 I powered up 150 STEEM and would like to delegate these plus additional 50 STEEM to make it 200 in total.
It's not a lot but I think many small delegations can be helpful too.

Hopefully, I can raise this delegation soon.

Keep on the good work and


Dear @pundito

I appreciate your supportive comment. Seriously. I've also noticed that you've resteemed this post. BIG THX! :)

It's not a lot but I think many small delegations can be helpful too.

To tell you the truth, small delegations matters almost as large ones for one simple reason: it's encouraging and inspiring us to continue what we started. For that reason I'm already greateful for your support. Regardless of it's size.

Cheers buddy

It's me again @pundito

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using steemauto.com? We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

Hello @crypto.piotr,
as you might have seen I undelegated to support our witnesses as much as possible.
Also, I just moved some STEEM to my account to do even more.

Now, that we might move to a new chain I'm preparing for that move.

But to answer your question: No problem to join your trail. Consider it done.

Best regards,

Thank you and I appreciate it @pundito

This dramma between Justin and witnesses is so bloody worrying

Hi Piotr,
I really have to say that I am very impressed with what you already achieved in those few month! I believe project hope is not only in itself a worthy endeavor, but I also believe that steem org should delegate steem to you, as your project will definitely make a difference for the whole steem ecosystem. And I certainly hope that more people will delegate to the project.hope account so that it can pay for the project itself and not out of your personal pocket.
steem on!

Appreciated @solarwarrior.

Wow, great perspective that you present to us dear friend!

We have honestly never considered this concept. Getting delegation from steem would be a huge step for us. I believe that we still do not have the magnitude necessary for us to be taken into account in this regard. Although the essence that involves our project is very noble.

Thank you very much for your encouraging spirit and for knowing how to value our effort.

Your Friend, Juan.

to be honest I would be really surprised if your application would NOT be considered... there are many initiatives that get either direct steem.org delegation or SPS that are good but not as great as project.hope is... so I would strongly encourage piotr and you to apply asap!

Yes, we need more projects like this to get even Steem known and this is the best marketing you can get!

Hi @solarwarrior, @juanmolina

Could you please tell me more about steem.org? I checked account on steemit with this username and it does exist, but it's wallet = 0.

So I'm not sure what steem.org is about.

ps. @solarwarrior
I personally rather like to target audience very well with showing what I do here. So I engage with people I value and then I share my ideas and links to our publications only with those that I want to be close to.

For that reason SPS are not my way. There is really to many difficult people out there and I don't need their attention.

I rather make baby-steps and collaborate with people I respect. Like yourself

Cheers, Piotr :)

sorry.. I wasn't talking about a specific account.. I just was referring to the amount of steem that is still left with steem.inc... as far as I know steem.inc also delegates loads of SP to steemians considered to boost the ecosystem

Early on I was delegating to a few content creators from 🇻🇪, for the same purpose as yours. Since then, the Steem value dropped and many left.
I feel project hope may bring to life this channel of helping them.
Your post is well understood to me, and I hope that soon group C will be suported through the project itself rather than your own funds.
I'm delegating already and I'm proud to suport your initiative.
Bon chance💪

Thanks for all the support.

Hopefully the project will help many more people and collaborate in the growth of the number of accounts and the creation of new content for the Steem blockchain, thus contributing to its promotion and its revaluation.

Appreciated @nomad-magus.

On behalf of the entire @project.hope team I want to thank your generous delegation.
You are supporting us in our work and in our lives. In addition you are already part of something that will grow and in a short time many will want to have been with us from the beginning.

Your Friend, Juan.

Dear @nomad-magus

From Venezuela, Your I send you a great Virtual fraternal hug, it is my way of saying thank you for the support you are giving to the hope project, and I know that many of the team also thank you.

Your Friend, LanzJoseG

Hello, Piotr.

Thank you for the great work you are doing through your project.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see how the backbone of what @ project.hope is formed. As we know, nothing is hidden here within the block chain, but it is always necessary to show a little more explicit the situation. This way we can reach as many users as possible.

I wish you success in this 2020, knowing that if you succeed, surely the rest will be able to take part of it.

Thank you!

Appreciated @yonnathang.

All our actions and methods have always been exposed. Each time we implement some creative method for the development of our project, it has been transparent and the participants have always had the knowledge about it.

ROIs, for example, are done equitably. Also remember that we are in blockchain and all transactions are public domain.

Thank you for your participation in our project. I have always been attentive to your contributions. You are definitely also part of Project Hope.

Your Friend, Juan.

Thank you for inviting me to read this post! This comment will attempt to both answer your questions in this post, and continue conversations we have previously had.

I like that you are trying to build something real on #steem! It is my belief that profitable businesses when combined with #steem will comprise the next wave of success stories. I don't think that any business that gets its revenue fully by extracting #steem will last without a pivot to other revenue. With an already profitable business model, #steem becomes a competetive advantage.

Your post helps me understand Project.Hope a lot! One question I have is what are group C doing? It does not seem explicit in this post what these 'educated Venezuelans' are doing as part of the core team, nor what they are doing to earn the income, which might be the same tasks. The project would come full circle for me if their education could be transformed into something of value outside of the #steem ecosystem, or perhaps through it but not from it; this would also make the project scaleable for new group C members in a way that is not dependent on #steem price.

I am currently building two things on #steem - one is a fund that pays daily dividends, on @ecoinstats, and the other is a sustainable development project just getting beta-tested on @quintaesencia; I consider these to be side-by-side projects (like Ford Motor and Ford Foundation). As a part of the fund, I consider active projects to be the lifeblood of #steem, and try to partner with them.

Although the fund is low on delegatable #steem, I do have some delegations coming due in less than a month on @ecoinstar, 8-9 thousand SP looking for a new home, and project.hope is on the top of my list. I want to see what you can do with this idea, and I hope you make all the mid-course corrections necessary as you go to build something fantastic!

I would also love to get your feedback on my dividend paying fund token, INCOME, when you have the time! I am working on steem-as-a-service automation and write about technology topics sometimes.

Dear Piotr,

I am glad that project hope is pushing through.

I just want you to know that as of now, the wisest thing for you to do is to make a token and issue them to your team. I am not against paying anyone but:

  • its value has the power to increase if kept in token form
  • it would serve as an insurance that anyone who kept posting using your tag will not get "officially" paid by you

I salute you for supporting the Venezuelans and, I do not have anything against it. But, aren't you going a bit myopic? I mean, why Venezuelans only? Why not everyone who meets whatever criteria or qualifications you set up?

I believe that you will get more people to support your cause if you will expound your boundaries. Any citizens living from any parts of the world have an issue or another with their lives.

What I am saying is this: Capitalize on your ideologies and expand from there!

I am wishing you all the luck and, rest assured, I am supporting your causes.

Good luck for the year 2020!


hey @crypto.piotr and @project.hope,
yesterday and today I had some extra time to take a closer look at your project and other accounts somehow related with it. To be honest, on the last few months it was very quiet about the situation in Venezuela, but apparently it is not solved issue but just hidden from European or North American people. As long as it is quiet in commercial media, it doesn't mean that it is over. On the @help.venezuela I've read that unemployment and poverty together with huge inflation has escalated now into a huge crisis without any chances for a fast solution and current social system is on the extremely low level, providing monthly pension around 5$, which equals one dinner. And to receive this minimal support, people often has to wait over a night in a queue. I see that this project has a great potential to bring at least a partial solution for a current situation and improving quality of life for some people. Since now I will carefully follow all accounts related with this topic, upvote every post, try to be more active in the comment section and obviously follow closer the situation in Venezuela itself. It is not much from me, but at least something. Thank you for your job, honestly I believe that soon you will receive a lot of support from the outside(as we could read recently). You're a great person and your project really makes world a better place. Big up !

Hello friend @cubapl , I send you a big hug from Venezuela.

Indeed, you are quite right, the problems in Venezuela are still going on and every time it gets worse, the government hides a terrible reality that we live inside. I am going to allow myself to correct it is not 5 $ the minimum. it doesn't really reach $ 2.5.

Piotr, it's a great support for some of us and I agree with him in some way,
It is a good teacher to teach fishing, and that is what we need to know how to fish well in order to always bring food to our home.

We have converted this project into:
"Make hope a home"


Thank you for all the support and interest in the situation in Venezuela.

You are right, the situation in that country has not improved at all, its production of its main export products has been plummeting, crime of all kinds and at all levels has been increasingly rampant, despair has led to a percentage of the population to migrate even if they have to go on foot with only the possessions that they can carry in their bags or backpacks, malnutrition is decimating the most vulnerable population (children and the elderly die of the most miserable and simple waning), the Failure of basic public services has already become part of everyday life (having a day of electrical service without interruption is already a rare luxury even in the Capital City of the Republic) and another lot of things ...

This can be depressing and perhaps because of survival, adaptation and try to maintain mental sanity, those of us who live it every day try to think about other things and take our time to produce something that gives us some joy and if that gives opportunity to complete the economic income and survive a little more, because then it is much better. :)

Hello dear @cubapl, thank you friend for your interest in our project and the Venezuelan theme.

You have rightly said that the situation in our country is only hidden from the countries of Europe and North America. There is a depressing situation in Venezuela.

Thanks to steem, @project.hope and other projects that are being carried out to help Venezuela, this is becoming a relief for many people in need of food, medicine and clothing.

In addition, what this initiative is achieving as a community in the great steem ecosystem is something significant and without precedents in this platform.

I support your project as long as you and the beneficiaries stick to: "better their lives and allow them to create "job positions" for themselves". What I don't want to see happen is for the lives you are helping turn around then become political or activistic, and endanger the liberty of their supporters.

Helping lives is one thing, supporting resurrection is another. What regular reporting mechanisms will you put in place? How will these be broadcast to supporters?

I'm hoping you can get all these issues sorted out and that your project will template many more so that other disadvantaged groups can adopt and integrate your method into their own projects.

Appreciated @ianballantine.

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Within our work philosophy is to avoid addressing the political or religious issue in our publications. This is thematic that could create hurtful ideas of certain ideological positions, which often trigger undue reactions and "dirty" the exchange of comments.

As you can imagine, it is often difficult for our Venezuelan writers to avoid comments that allude to the socio-political situation of their country, since it is an extremely overwhelming and alienating reality for them.

What regular reporting mechanisms will you put in place? How will these be broadcast to supporters?

So far our dynamic is based on the curation of the publications that are resteemed in our blog @project.hope.
100% of the SP is paid weekly in a liquid way to our supportes in proportion to their delegation.
So far we have not decided to broadcast regular reports with curatorship or ROI information to our delegators. Although all the information is easily accessible at https://steemd.com/@project.hope.

Your Friend, Juan.

Thanks Juan, your comments have alleviated my fears of "take-over" for political or religious commentary. I trust you Juan, and your other loyal followers, to screen posts and comments. What has happened in Venezuela can happen anywhere where ideology replaces common-sense. Is there a place for Venezuelan writers in the Steem platform? Of course, all are welcome here. I look forward to helping your Project Hope grow and prosper.

Hi Piotr,
you're doing a great job with @ project.hope

It is important that you now highlight what @ project.hope is and what support it can provide. It is not easy to reach everyone here so it is important to Re-steemed all posts about @ project.hope.
Continue to send out memos so I can keep up with your posts

Dear @xpilar

Thank you @xpilar for supporting our efforts on basically every step of our adventure. Seriously people like yourself are just such a great encouragement for me.

Is there any way I could get in touch with you via telegram or discord (I tried already)?

Recently I've been discussing idea of setting up project hope curation trail and I believe that we came up with unique solution. Perhaps I could share link to our discussion and ask about your own feedback?


Hi @crypto.piotr

yes, I would like to look at that
try me on discord again, but you also have my email address

Hi @xpilar

I've tried discord again. Did you get any message from me?

Also please check your email-box :)


RC account creation, trigger account, 5 minute delay (can vary of course), project.hope trails the trigger account, promote trigger account for curation trail. 😎

I was going comment on this, since I noticed you're talking about it I thought I would bring it up by replying to your comment here, I hope you don't mind friend.

Users are more likely to follow a trail if there is a trigger account, due to the fact that curation rewards will be much better, thus offering better incentive to trail.

Support added to the post. Feel free to contact me on discord if needed.

Hi @futuremind

What is 'trigger account'?

Could you also remind me your discord username (and those 4 numbers)? Or perhaps drop me a message? crypto.piotr#3426

I would appreciate if I could also consult idea of curation trail with you.


I'm happy to help Piotr,
I'll send a message shortly explaining the details.


Thanks Jake :)
Got it

It's me again :)

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using steemauto.com? We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

Hey Piotr, I wish you and all the HOPE team a prosperous year :) what I noticed in your explanation of the project is its way of being organic in making income for the right contributors. and I can say it really is, according to my personal experience of being in touch with you guys.

I believe this is the key for you to keep the good work up in future. good luck

Dear @honarparvar

Thank you for this supportive comment and your resteem :) Appreciate it!

My friend @akdx posted a question related to situation in Iran and US. Perhaps you could share your own opinion (however stay safe and don't go to deep into politics).



I did. thanks.
what about increasing my delegation to 5k? :)

Appreciated @honarparvar.

Thank you very much for your generous delegation to our cause.
This reflects that you really believe in the project and also serve as inspiration for others to join us.

You are also part of @project.hope.

Your Friend, Juan.

hi Juan
I truly wish the @hope.project a great success. keep it up my friends

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using steemauto.com? We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

sure i was using steemauto
will join your trail soon

That's bloody awesome @honarparvar :)

ps. hope you and your family are well. Right now news about your country are literally everywehre and it's hard not to worry about friends from this part of the world.


yes, it can get very bad! thanks for your concern

An excellent team that have been climbing have become super collaborators of the hope project, they have learned and now they are going to help others. @crypto.piotr, @project.hope It is a very nice project

As always I give resteem to support them.

Un estupendo equipo de trabajo que han ido escalando han pasado a ser estupendo colaboradores del proyecto hope, han aprendido y ahora van a ayudar a otros, es un bonito proyecto. @crypto.piotr

Como siempre le doy resteem para apoyarlos.

I was completely unaware of this project before reading it. After reading, I think I have a pretty good undestanding of what your goals are as well as a loose idea of the ideal mechanics behind it. Rather nicely done there. I have a question, however, as I am thinking of involving myself a little. Here is my inquiry: What are the primary topics and subtopics that content creators will be asked to write about?

I will give this an upvote and a resteem and I look forward to your response.

Happy New Year, @project.hope

Appreciated @badseedalchemist.

Thank you for participating and knowing a little more about us. I also appreciate your upvote and resteem.

The themes that our content creators develop and that are shared in our broadcasting channels, cover AI, philosophy, blockchain, crypto, investment and commerce.

We avoid relating to politics and religion since these issues are loaded with subjectivities that can create a negative dynamic.

Your Friend, Juan.

Those are all topics that I enjoy writing. Is there a discord that I can join or some other means of contacting you guys for more inquiries?

Hi dear @badseedalchemist.

Please Visit Our Website

Join Our Telegram Channel

Join Our Discord Channel

Hi @badseedalchemist

I just realized that somehow I didn't see your comment and I just read it now. Thx for being so responsive :)

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using steemauto.com? We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr

Hi guys

I would like to take this opportunity and say "big thank you" to all of you, who decided to support project.hope and our efforts with larger or smaller delegations.

Our work wouldn't mean much without your support. It's as simple as that. So thank you again for allowing us to chease some of our dreams :)

@anothersteemi, @cektop, @alokkumar121, @mariusfebruary, @krischik, @luckyolddaddy, @bitshares101, @nomad-magus, @neavvy, @reeta0119, @cryptobols, @mohsen63, @kimmysomelove42, @chireerocks, @crypto.piotr, @culgin, @achim03,
@modern-trojan, @bigpower, @hingsten, @bippe, @reflektor, @xpilar, @forykw, @edgarare1, @doifeellucky, @akdx, @gbenga, @coach.piotr, @creativeblue, @solarwarrior, @lazyman, @lanhange, @gcalex, @majes.tytyty, @tysler, @honarparvar


Hi @crypto.piotr

Nice to hear, thanks from my team @xpilar Norway

I hope this initiative will be able to help lots of people in the year 2020. Happy new year dear!

Thanks @akdx for dropping by and your supportive words :)

You're welcome!

Your efforts are innovative, well thought out and should continue to grow as the @project.hope initiative breaks new ground in enhancing the quality of lives for others.

At the same time I would like to express my gratitude to all those who were involved as a part of our team from the very beginning. Some of you seem to give up on Steemit, but most decided to stay and I can only hope that by the end of 2020 you guys will still be around.

@lanzjoseg, @alokkumar121, @devann, @pedrobrito2004, @fucho80, @guruvaj, @gandhibaba, @focusnow, @cadawg, @culgin, @hardaeborla, @ritxi, @yonnathang, @juanmolina, @edgarare1, @jadams2k18, @forykw, @spirajn, @blockchainfo, @gbenga, @jjqf, @machnbirdsparo, @honarparvar, @varioso, @achim03, @djennyfloro, @tysler

Yours, Piotr


Rather, thanks to you for all the support and promotion to give the participants a "ESPERANZA" (HOPE in Spanish), because in the darkest moments of each one is when we notice more strongly each light that gives us help.

Hello, a couple of newbie questions

1.- How do I join this group??? what is the specific steps to join?? in my mind I was expecting like a facebook button that says "join group" but nothing of the sort is laid out. So, how do I join?

Dear @cryptolohy7

Thank you for choosing to post within project.hope HIVE/community. I was wondering if there is any way to DM you as I would like to explain little bit about our community goals and structure.

Do you use telegram or discord? If you do then join our server and give me a shout. I would gladly share with you goals of our community and explain our project.hope economy.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/yzMFjR

in my mind I was expecting like a facebook button that says "join group" but nothing of the sort is laid out. So, how do I join?

Anyone can subscribe to our hive/community and if subject of your post will fit within our interests then I will gladly support you with some decent upvote.

However if you would like to join to be part of our community, then obviously there isn't "join group" button. We're slowly and steadily growing and it's more like an 'invitation' based system. so drop me a message and let's talk :)

ps. how did you find this post? Im very curious - since this is quite old publication.

Yours, @crypto.piotr


I click o the link to discord and it says that it is invalid.
Okay, so is on an invitation basis. Got it.
Send me a valid invite and we can chat :)

I find the post through direct recommendation.

Please try this one : https://discord.gg/V8qkah

Got it, I got in.

Thanks for the shout out about this post and Happy New Year @project.hope and @crypto.piotr! I love the concept of this project and how it has grown. Over the last year here, I gotta say you @crypto.piotr you have been tenacious and dedicated to inspiring community and positive growth within the steemit platform! I personally wish I could lengthen my day to create more creative consistent content and had more time to read so many amazing blog posts! It seems it really takes a few people that have the financial freedom and time to keep at this idea, creating worthy content and community crossover. Keep at it mate this year gonna be the best yet!

Happy New Year to you @crypto.piotr bro :)

Thanks @akdx for dropping by buddy

How is Malaysia those days? Doing well I hope.


Sorry, I have no idea of Malaysia. I live in India.
Have a great day dear!

Omg. All that time I considered you to be Malaysian @akdx

What an awful mistake. Would you mind sharing with me from which part of India are you?

I was told that in India it's a crime to hold any crypto. Is it really that bad? Do authorities even have resources to go after people who have some savings in bitcoin?


Hahaa😀😀. We all make mistakes. Not a big thing.
I belongs to the western part of India. It is not a crime to hold cryptos in India but the Central Bank of India has forbidden other banks to have any connection with crypto dealers etc. So, it is very difficult to buy or sell with the exchanges.

Man! You're a machine! Are you sure you're not an AI?? ;D

I think is a win-win-win situation 😄

As our friend @achim03 said this project will help content-creators to get more visibility and delegators get a good ROI.

Resteemed my friend
I appreciate your support
Stay blessed buddy

Nice project! Upvoted, resteemed & shared to twitter!

#steem #POSH