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RE: Update: Townhall & Witness Meeting

in #steemit2 years ago

I think this sounds positive and good. No doubt you will be bombarded with a bunch of negative shit but please ignore it :0)


Good point. What happened to #newsteem. That didn’t last long. :)

We're not here to be yes-people, especially if you're referring to the SF as "negative shit".

In regards to this post, I'm personally quite optimistic and are looking forward to the 6th of Match, but as always, one has to be realistic. Steem is a project where people have invested a lot (monetary & time-wise) and it should be treated as such. Even if that means, saying "constructive negative shit".

I think most of us know the difference between constructive criticism and negative shit.

th (1).jpg

Nobody said anything about being yes people.

I was pleased by this and thought it positive. Constructive negative shit is always good in my book.

But just plain negative shit, no thanks

The 6th of Match you say, I like that. You Match me this and I'll Match you that, if you can all find 6 things to Match upon I'd call that a Match

id say embrace it

master tree

we moeten er allemaal mee leven

waarom zij niet ?

I'm all for the embracing it, will have to see what the it is but full steem ahead!



i know at least 20 people who didn't have it in the last four years

so yea ... let's have it heh heh

they had content on google before this thing suddenly became alpha and omega (according to the upper protectorate and groupies)

👆what he said

Joker love kidding 😅

joker love snookkums you should be careful

it is hungry

Did he love ice cream? Because i sell many ice crean 😜

im afraid my english is not that good

the keyword is careful

what do you want ?

you never known humiliation until four cops said


Okay sir thanks i will be carefull,
I has a bad convertation in english too

lol, i seem to have been in the zone ... yes ... icecream is the best :)

no kiddding.

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.