What's Wrong With The Search Feature Here On Steemit?

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

Okay. I've noticed changes in the appearance of my Steemit channel as well as the Steemit platform all together. However, there is something that makes no sense. Whenever I use the search feature on Steemit, I keep getting a message that reads: "Nothing was found." In other words, the search feature doesn't work at all. This was never a problem in the past.

Does anyone know what has been going on with the search feature here on Steemit? That feature is such a valuable tool, because all of us Steemians have different interests and we only want to read articles that interest us individually. What interests others may not interest me and vice versa. For example, I may not be interested in what goes on down in the Antarctica, but others may be so. Well, actually I do take an interest in what goes on in the Antarctica. I just wouldn't want to be down there during its coldest months. However, you get where I'm getting at.

If anyone can tell me what the problem is with the search feature here on Steemit, let me know in the comments section below. Hopefully, it is a temporary situation like the current toilet paper shortage throughout the United States of America. Yeah, I realize that that's a sore subject with most of us. Of course, once the search feature is fixed here on Steemit, that will likely be the most searched topic here on Steemit as it is everywhere else on the Internet.

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I made it. :-)

Ah you are alive! haha ah I was wondering where you were at when I see an article from you I click immediately good see you back but sucks having issues again with some features acting up.

Yeah, I know I've been away for a little bit. A lot of stuff has been going on around my community. Toilet paper shortages seem to be everywhere in the United States of America in light of the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world. The American healthcare system doesn't seem to be handling this situation as well as the Australian, Canadian and British healthcare systems are. Unfortunately, the privatized health insurance industry here in our nation is ill-equipped to deal with a crisis this big.

Try steempeak?

I'll check it out. Thanks.

Only problem. It doesn't appear to have a search feature on it.

There are efforts to improve it.
Join their discord and maybe they can give you a better link than what I have, I rarely search.