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RE: Update: Townhall & Witness Meeting

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Explode into the mainstream?

If you think cross-chain atomic swaps are the key to going "mainstream", we're in deeper shit than we thought.


Bahahaha. Your comment made me giggle.

"we're in deeper shit than we thought" Hopefully this isn't the case.

I just hope too. I hope the new managements bring the Steem of our dreams. :)

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Well neds old stake plus Justin's new ideas depends how generous Justin is feeling with he's stake right now?

Should he throw it all back into the kitty and have huge rewards for all? And have the one chain trickle into a decentralised economy for all nations as such a chain was intended for.

after swapping to tron , Justin Sun will have to full control of those steemit accounts. it is a trick

The problem Justin has is that he thinks anyone has any interest in anything TRON offers.
Why in the world would i ever move my Steem to TRON to use it. Theres nothing on Tron (except Dlive) with any remote utility.

If anything these atomic swaps are beneficial for STEEM (if Justin doesnt try any fuckery from his side) since Steem has so much more to offer then TRON does to their community.

Is Dlive on Tron and not Lino or is Lino connected to Tron? Last time I checked, Dlive left Steem for Lino. I guess I don't know a lot about Lino.

Tron ended up acquiring dlive later on

Did Tron buy Dlive from Lino or did Tron buy Lino?

Just wait for justin sun's next video, "buy my deeper s___ coins."

...before my laptop runs out of batteries.

made me giggle too

steem is fine.gif

did not see that they said that is the key to going "mainstream". From my understanding (and english is my 3. language) i understood that they think cross-chain atomic swaps are the best way to connect these two blockchains.
Are they, i have no idea, i almost don't know what cross-chain atomic swaps are.