Why the Pixel 4 is not Launching in India?

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Google has unveiled its brand new Pixel 4 Flagship Lineup but sadly it seems this new Smartphone will not be available in India. So let me tell you guys why this is happening or should I say not Happening. Before I jump into the why let me tell you guys what the Google Pixel 4 Lineup is offering. You get the Powerful Snapdragon 855 Chipset with Android 10 out of the Box and 6GB RAM, a 90Hz OLED Display, 3D Face Unlock and a Dual Camera Setup.


Now leaving the above specs aside this Year the Pixel Lineup comes with a Motion Sense feature courtesy of their Project SOLI Chipset and this is the reason we might not get the Pixel 4 in India.

Let me explain this a little more.

You see the SOLI Radar Chip that is used for all the Cool Motion Gestures in the Pixel 4 uses a 60Ghz frequency to operate and this is a frequency that is used in a lot of Countries as both Public and Commercial usages but in India this level of Frequency is not available for Public usage and it seems Google failed to get the proper permission from the Indian Government about this delicate matter.


So do you guys think that is the reason Google isn't launching the Pixel 4 Lineup in India?

I feel like there is a little more to the story here and let me tell you guys why I think so. The main reason why I think that's not all is that there are countries with a similar situation regarding the 60Ghz Frequency and they are still getting the Pixel 4 in their Countries so there is definitely something more.


I thought of this for quite some time and the only explanation I came up with was the fact that Google Smartphones haven't been doing good in India. Obviously I am talking about Money here. As much as we love the Camera of Pixel Devices there seems to be always some issue with some other department of Pixel Devices which ultimately hampers in their overall Sales in India. So this looks like a Strategic decision from Google to not launch their Flagship Pixel Lineup here in India.



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