STEMGEEKS - A Tribe that is Rewarding STEM Posts on Steem

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A Tribe that is Rewarding STEM Posts on Steem



Hunter's comment

STEMGeeks is a Steem community focused on STEM content.

All of the Steemians who are already writing and posting STEM related articles, now can get some extra rewards when they use the tag "stem" in their articles.

I think StemGeeks will increase the engagement of STEM writers and will encourage the rest of the Steemians to share their STEM related experiences, this would increase the flow of more users to Steem Blockchain as well.

At its core, this is a community to facilitate the means of developing skills that explore scientific decisions, critical thinking about evidence and facts.

What can be shared?

There are many categories to share in, like Technology Innovations, Blockchain Technology,3D Printing etc.

Details and for rest of the categories, read the introductory post from @steemgeeks.

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Thank you, @aamirijaz. Wish you a lovely day.

I like it too much @mobi72
I remember about hashtag steemstem at steemit when the first I am here. It's the one of a great tribe on steem, we can get stem token by contributing there. I also hope that steemiteducation will build their own tribe too on steem.

That's excellent, I like this idea of building a tribe from steemiteducation.

Thanks for this lovely and nice comment. Wish you a lovely day.

Yeah, i got tokens yesterday, sold them and powered up steem. I like the token with extra e more.

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

The STEM community is really awesome even I have written content in that community but I think the community is not getting as appreciation as they deserve. There are so many valuable content which has under value this new platform will be helpful in order to grow the community and bring new things.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Saw it the yesterday and seems like the Tribes are getting into action and moreover glad to see various tribes coming up with different ideas and supporting steemians. Cool hunt and pretty fast one I believe !!

I was kinda excited to see this tribe even though I have been pushing for it for a while. I would have found it if only I had enough backing and funding. Cool for the chain though because we have a large stem creators and consumers.

I know how difficult it can be to come up with such posts like these...
This is a very great initiative to reward stem posts

Great Hunt! We are happy to see new tribes on steem blockchain every day and it is a great way to maximize your earning while investing or staking different tokens nice hunt

I bought a STEM miner along with 100 STEM. A lot of people are selling off their share of STEM bringing the price down right now and I read on the STEMGeeks blog how the price of a STEM miner will increase from 10 to 30 steem over the next 30 days. It seems like now is a good time to invest in this token.

STEM has the potential to not only bring geeks; but also students & their teachers to the Steem blockchain. The #STEM tag is encouraging me to produce $STEM content. @mobi72
Could @aggroed’s Tribes be Steem’s app?

stem related articles and hunted products will begin to get reward now as a result of using the tag stem. Thanks to stemgeeks tribe for encouraging stem writers on hunt platform.

@mobi72, cool hunt. It is amazing that all these tribes are forming with their coins. Stem has long been doing science and math and related articles to extend our knowledge of technologies also. Now is the time to get in to invest in these coins. Great hunt.

This is another great additional reward portal for Steemians. We earn rewards in steem through posts and with this one rewarding STEM is great. Indeed a wonderful opportunity to earn additional alongside the regular regular reward. Awesome Hunt. Thanks for sharing..

First I say that this is one of the best hunt and this idea is really awesome. It is very useful for all steemit user. Now earn more reward . Thank you so much for sharing this hunt


Education is key and power. This is not only for adults but teens and youths can be a part of a tribe where they can learn and earn. Learning is now with rewards as it is for hardwork. Great hunt and kudos

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This is great. A community for stem posts. Stem posters will earn more reward now which will increase encourage and engagement . Thanks for sharing,i never knew about this