nano pool - Mining pool where you cann mine 8 Ethereum based tokens

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nano pool

Mining pool where you cann mine 8 Ethereum based tokens



Hunter's comment

Hello hunter,
I have just found out this interesting Ether Mining tool where you can set up your own mini activities using your phone or computer and mine the following tokens;

  1. Ethereum
  2. Monero
  3. PascalCoin
  4. Ethereum Classic
  5. ZCash
  6. Electroneum
  7. RavenCoin
  8. Grin

It is a very good platform that you can mine 8 Ethereum based token.
Visit the links below for more info.




Batte Billy Jackson.


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For ethereium miners it is a great surprize , now they can mine without any issues, we had to pay commision for mining services though mined from own rig, but now this decentralised mining platform may help a lot . it will also eliminate centralisation over it .

Great fully working mining system for me and other miners who love ethereum thanks a lot for this great app and hunt keep on the great work.

Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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