Super VR Trainer - VR Training Simulation That Let you Learn EVERYTHING

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Super VR Trainer

VR Training Simulation That Let you Learn EVERYTHING



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Learn to shoot a weapon, a crossbow, to fight with laser sabers, to shoot basketballs... In short, this VR platform will allow us to access a ton of tools and training modules that will let us to have fun and learn endless things.


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It seems the opportunity to learn is unlimited with VR technologies. I'm glad to be alive in this era and hope to acquire one or two VR device in the nearest future so as to learn what I've always wish to learn.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I m playing many fighting games in my life. This game looks differs from others. You can learn many things in this game and also use this great experience in your real life. Shooting games become very popular in the world. This game helps you to spend your boring time become enjoyable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Hehehe, I would definitely love to learn to fight
Pretty amazing tool

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

It a great masterpiece for technology. This is essentially very funny we find many games like bow and bolt, lightsaber, weapon, hoverboard and tetris. Especially in case you paly with freinds. This should be one of the main encounters you try in virtual reality.

Super VR Trainer VR simmulation platform make you perfect in fighting and help you to improve your fighting skills. most of the tools help your training process. so have a great fun...


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The Super VR Trainer is a very interesting game or should I say games where it tries to cater for various VR experiences with the goal of introducing you to them, it's a selection of various minigames you play in order to get a better score some are indeed alot of fun while they last.

This is amazing game with some action use of laser sword and bow make its more attractive. Although I never played such kinds of game but I think it would be really interesting to play this game. Technology has made more smoothing gaming to kinds of game fighting with devils. Thank you for introducing such kinds of fantastic game.

This is nice. Vr takes it definitely to a whole new level. We really can't get access to this tool especially when we want to train just in case the need arises. But with this, I believe we have a chance now

Looks pretty interesting game player just need to put on their Virtual Reality headset and step inside the Super VR universe. Shoot some zombies in a abandoned hospital or pick up arrow to defeat spear-throwing enemies in addition this game is still in continuous development phase with more titles on the way that will be included in the bundle for free. Great Hunt


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