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RE: Why does Steem Engine still SUCK for trading?

in #steemengine2 years ago (edited)

On mobile it's a fucking catastrophe! Half the time I can't tell if something was claimed or not. It's embarrassing af for anyone to associate themselves with this shit.. Needless to say I have not made any new friends expressing the obvious.. Idgaf though it's pathetic and I sold all my coins and stopped using tribalism just to boycott the abysmal standards that are acceptable here.. The attitude of the creator is off putting as well he is proud af of this shit show.. Raking it in and telling people it's the deal of the century LMFAO!?


Well, right now they got the market cornered, because Steemit has failed to deliver anything with SMT's.

I'd never consider such insane prices for a white label of open source software a "good deal" though. That's bullshit.