Why does Steem Engine still SUCK for trading?

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I made a post quite a while ago about the problems with Steem Engine's interface when it comes to trading.

Spoiler Alert: Nothing's changed, and it still sucks, despite a month passing. The issues with it have been around for quite some time before I eventually just got tired and bitched about it. It's not like I expect my words to magically get them to fix the issues...but I would hope with so many using the interface, they would at least put in a few small updates that make it a bit easier to use when it comes to buying and selling.


So, today, I open up Steem Engine to claim all my rewards, as has become my habit, and check if I have any new coins. Maybe adjust some buys and put in some new ones. Apparently some MEME token earlier today. Somehow got some Steem Pegged. Guess one of my sales of some token got through. Have no idea, cuz not like there's a history, that would make too much sense. Well, there is a Conversion History, but it's blank, so I have no idea what it's supposed to show. Guess it's supposed to be deposit/withdrawals, but it doesn't fucking work.

Also got a bunch of STEM token, which is nice. Especially since the price went way up, and apparently I'm in some kind of Staked contest with @apsu, despite never agreeing to it.

The alert number also never goes away, isn't that nice...

Anyway, so I go into STEM to maybe change up my buys and pick a little up, so I'm in a bit better of a position, and I see this.

STEM Buy Orders on Steem-Engine.com

FFS! WTF am I supposed to do with that? Put my buy order in in front of all that fuck shit? FFS! Who tha FUCK did this garbage? FFS!

See, the problem is that the chart is totally fucking useless, and the order book can't be paged through. There's no fucking page buttons. There's no zoom feature on the chart. I can't do anything to get in closer and see where the fuck the orders are. The only thing I can do is mouse over all those little fucking dots and determine after like half an hour that maybe I'll put in a buy or sell order here or there, because there seems to be a sharp rise in the buys or sells there.


Mouse over every...fucking...dot...

FFS! This is not how you build a fucking interface! This is not how you build a site. I'm sure this site is making you a lot of fucking money. Fucking put in a little bit of that into a coder to just add some page links for the book and some controls to the chart.

It's not that hard. It can't be.

Why is it so hard? Why? Why do I have to mouse over every little dot, carefully moving my mouse, because you can't build a site that makes sense?

It should not be this hard to use a site to put my money into buying their own centralized tokens.

Now, excuse me while I do some math to see how much I should put into some buys in different areas of the chart, after mousing over every single fucking dot.


To be honest, the interface has room for improvement.

What's your guess, will Steem-Engine leave the issues to be and hope people will get used to them, or actually fix them?

It's not bad though, I've enjoyed using it as I've been using far worse websites. But still, I'm hoping they're not going Steemit way and hoping people will get used to the problems and live with them.

I would hope they would have fixed the issues by now. I assume they probably don't have enough employees, considering how much money is going through their site.

The dev team is working as often as they can to resolve current issues and continue to implement new features.

That's good to hear :)

On mobile it's a fucking catastrophe! Half the time I can't tell if something was claimed or not. It's embarrassing af for anyone to associate themselves with this shit.. Needless to say I have not made any new friends expressing the obvious.. Idgaf though it's pathetic and I sold all my coins and stopped using tribalism just to boycott the abysmal standards that are acceptable here.. The attitude of the creator is off putting as well he is proud af of this shit show.. Raking it in and telling people it's the deal of the century LMFAO!?

Well, right now they got the market cornered, because Steemit has failed to deliver anything with SMT's.

I'd never consider such insane prices for a white label of open source software a "good deal" though. That's bullshit.

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Try displaying SE with a second monitor with a vertical resolution.

You can't even see the numbers correctly.

(btw, not sure how STEM this is)

Damn...used to be that if you used StemGeeks tag, it wouldn't show in the STEM interface. Part of it's about the STEM token, not STEM content.

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It happens.