Hey Siri...what's my voting power?

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Love her or hate her, Siri can be quite convenient..especially since it's the only way to achieve anything if you've got a pair of AirPods Pro. Being an Apple fanboi and interested in all things tech, I wanted to see if I could get Siri to report on something useful to me...like my current voting power! No you don't need to know how to create iOS apps but you'll need to install the Shortcuts app from the App Store. It's a very powerful app that allows plenty of customisations. I think it's one of those apps that deserves a little more recognition and promotion as I didn't know about it until recently.


The app will seem daunting because there's an abundance of features and pre-baked shortcuts. Feel free to explore the many recipes available—I haven't had a chance to discover them all and find ones that would be useful to me.

To create a shortcut that will display your voting power is quite straightforward. Thanks to @justyy's API on https://steemyy.com you can get your current VP by issuing a GET request to this URL: https://uploadbeta.com/api/steemit/account/vp?id=contrabourdon (simply add your username as the id value).

Your shortcut flow sequence will be as follows:

  1. URL request to get VP
  2. Network, get contents of URL
  3. Variable, set contents of URL into VP variable name
  4. Scripting, show alert that displays VP variable with '%'


Now you can simply run the shortcut on your iPhone or execute it with Siri. Siri will automatically lookup your saved shortcuts if the command matches the title. I will definitely be adding more commands as I think of them. Let me know what else you think might be useful in the comments.


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creative, what else can he (siri) do?

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Everything except increase the price of Steem.

Haha, 😄

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Wow this is really cool bro. Nice feature .

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Thanks bro!

Very cool. I had a quick look at this app recently and it looks neat. The tricky part is thinking of something cool to do with it (aka a ‘use-case’). Thanks for sharing :-)

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That’s the thing. You have the tools but nothing to fix. Haha.

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Very clever invention...



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Amazing & good info sharing

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I don't have an Apple Watch, but this appeals to the geek within me and makes me happy. :) Thanks for sharing it on #pypt!

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That is so cool, that you can check your Voting Power with your smartwatch! Thanks for sharing this neat trick on PYPT this week! 😃


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Very interesting use of the AppleTM watch technology. Very clever.

Glad to have been directed to this article as it was shared on the last #PYPT Podcast!

The Apple watch with Siri AI seems to be a nice item to own coz I love technology as well. It's a very interesting technology or gadget innovation for we included few nice apps in the internet in this new gadget and I guess everyone will love this and me also for it comes handy and I can carry it anywhere with me as well. Maybe I'm going to give my nephew a smart watch and I'm sure he is going to like it.