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A special greeting to the entire Steemchurch community and friends of the Telos Network, who on their first anniversary have chosen to make a profound change in their brand, leading us to enter the expansion of the great indigo blue, which excites us very much the idea of what you want to achieve through this new concept. From our International Ministry we express our best wishes in this new stage of growth and proclaim a happy anniversary.

We were surprised by the team in charge of the marketing of the Telos Network with this new logo, which ultimately us as a community of spiritual value, with the premise that there is nothing more important than the human resource, love and purpose of each life to be a better place in the world, we find the concept in which we will focus on this next year pleasant.

If you want to know more details, we invite you to read the blog written by the Telos Foundation in the following link:




Simply "values", the one that represents humanity, it has been understood that technology without a real purpose is nothing, we have seen it as an example when spending time on many platforms, and ideas come and go, perhaps with a great plan of icentives and financial feasibility, but we have seen when the factor equity, reliability, justice fail, technical efficiency is of no use.
The Telos network seeks to add value through a reliable, fair global economy, with an opportunity for all, as explained in the previous blog, that humanity flourishes, catches my attention that today we have come to merge criteria such as organization, Steemchurch has always said under the leadership of @sirknight that we seek to empower men and women through opportunities that exploit their skills, so now we are here in the Telos expansion, making use of those tools.

Meaning or essence of indigo colour

Personally, I have always seen the indigo color as the great blue, that which represents a color of the great covenant that God made with the world of not destroying it anymore in waters, like the rainbow, it is exciting that this color is a transition to the purple and Another range that can represent it. the blue of expansion, of nobility, of purity, of wisdom.
Technically speaking it is linked to trust, prosperity, creativity, knowledge, it also invites us to self-reflection.

In the bible the blue and purple color are related to the priesthood, with royalty and authority and power, and a very important feature of humility.

What do we expect from this change?

We know that human beings are resistant to changes, whether they are good or bad, but in this case we are a community that is always willing to change for the better, there are times that the environment, the requirements so demand, we have to see beyond that our physical eyes do, Telos has become our place with purpose, we can immerse ourselves in this indigo circle and explore a world full of opportunities.

How will we show the Telos Network to the world?

When we begin to educate our peers about the Telos ecosystem, we will have the opportunity to describe it as a place of purpose, where people will come to develop their talents, skills, acquire knowledge, and back they will receive "value" there is nothing better than unity and the strength of a society that works to be better, so we are the thrusters for humanity to flourish, look at this beautiful term, children, young people and even those adults who believe that their seeds have already dried up, we believe that There is still opportunity.


We are going to use this new stage to the fullest, many things to explore, our educational project "give wings to freedom, education without limits" will make a perfect combination with the new brand of the Telos network, we can capture our ideas, creativity , to develop strategies that help complement this concept, managing to incorporate new users.
This branding model will allow people to better visualize the brand, relate it and define it with a universal purpose.There are so many things we can do to improve society, education in all its aspects, the financial area, food, environmental regeneration and contribute to those areas that for years organizations worldwide have struggled without much success.


In Steemchurch we handle the concept of "marketing with a heart" based on the needs of the soul, body and spirit, and it has been a successful process, always thinking that the human being has everything inside to achieve what he needs.
In this new year we want to strengthen our project at the educational level, creating ideal infrastructure for this, I invite all those who wish to interact with us and contribute ideas, use the available channels, do not forget to see the latest updates and participate in the anniversary week of Telos.
Sure that this ecosystem has powerful characteristics to make technology a service to improve people's lives: accessibility, affordability, adaptation and adequacy.

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Let's continue creating opportunities in our world, building a future for children, don't forget to register to get a telos account with the suffix "jc" and interact with our token "heart" in the following form:


If you want to know more information about Telos visit:


Additional considerations
There are channels available for more information:


[email protected]

You can join our Steemchurch community:


We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow @pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx,@curatorhulk,@ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope,@jackmiller


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world.


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Happy anniversary to the Telos community, thanks darlenys for this message.

Very special, beautiful message, we have opportunities.
Thank you and happy anniversary for Telos

Happy anniversary for Telos, and long life for Steemchurch.

The preparations continue, alleluia! forward beloved

Happy anniversary and success for telos.

Glory to God and many successes for telos !!

The grace is upon us because God has given to us for free! We thank the Lord for this grace and how far He has brought us on this land of @telos. Congratulations to all members of @telos church and happy, happy anniversery to you all!

Blessings Excellent descriptive message from the Telos Network and I join in the congratulations on the first anniversary of Telos. Success for the new year 2020

I see telos as an opportunity to heal life! SteemChurch is also going about healing hearts πŸ’•, body and souls.

Remember that we must work together to achieve greatness.

Thanks apostle D. for such great insight.

Happy anniversary Telos!

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